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The fast pace of development and habitat conversion and loss are endangering many of these insects. The Magellanic origin of this insect is doubtful.

All other paratypes are in the collection of the first author. The type series are reported from early January while nominate Y. Several have already apparently disappeared from their biotopes many years ago. Many butterfly species in Chile are of special concern for conservation. We hope to clarify this case if it is possible to look for molecular genomic markers.

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If this individual is correctly identified as D. Flying at to m compared with the usual distribution over m of Y. Comparing the geographically closest relative H. The marginal black spots on the upperside of all four wings are connected, especially in the hindwings, while in Y. Since then much has been done by the authors and their colleagues.

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Some of these terms are not mutually exclusive, so that several may apply in a given case. Distribution and Flight Period The presented data includes most of the accessible existing historical records and personal knowledge. Papilionidae, Pieridae, Nymphalidae en parte y Hesperiidae. The points of the inner line of the forewings are larger than the outer line on upperand undersides, while in Y.

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It differs from nominate Y. The underside ground colour in H. Hypsochila pelambres Benyamini, sp. Female genitalia with large and oval membranous ductus bursae having ringed sclerotized area immediately anterior to the ostium. On the Taxonomic Identity of the Holotype of Tursio?

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The existing data may serve to present and future researchers as a baseline to follow climate change effects on Chilean butterflies. All paratypes in collection of the first author. This species does not occur now in Chile. Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea, Chile, updated list, part I, regional distribution, flight period, conservation status.

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In addition to habitat loss and conversion, un pic gravida online dating there are other recent threats to the Chilean fauna. Coeditores Jhoann Canto H. Its systematic position has not been analyzed yet. Male and female genitalia of the new species are very much like the other species of Hypsochila. Hypsochila pelambres differs from H.