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For you, what do you tend to look for in a date? If they check you off too, you're matched. What we have listed here are four such efforts - some big screen, some small screen offerings - and all we want to know is which of these four gets the nod as your favorite! With his sleek black hair and muscular body, he was indistinguishable from a regular, non-Fan speed dater.

He wore a black dress shirt, black pants and a black tie. As such, we've tried to hedge our bets as much as possible here.

Of this group, which one stands out as your favorite movie of the bunch? As ever, those days and years often see certain cliques and groups form.

What with the spanking and all? Bell rings to end the date and the session. You personally, how angry do you get? Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have our own buttons that can be pushed. Leia's feisty spirit would be perfectly complemented by Picard's rational, steady approach to everything.

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After they have eaten your brains, that is. Fittingly, the blue power ring is fuelled by hope.

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His first question to me, after sitting down and introducing himself, was to rank the Star Trek franchises from best to worst. If this was a math test, I failed. Others are as cold as ice. My glasses are kind of my thing.

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Some of us are fiery, trigger-tempered. At that moment I realized, while most people judge those who live and breathe Fan culture, they're judging us too.

Zombies rock our world and we guess they rock yours too. However if you could, you could rest easy knowing that a zombie would never cheat on you. Find zombies in your area Show me. And yes, musicas double your dating he was in a costume. They will play with your mind though.

So, out of the four potential answers listed here, which one most applies to you when it comes to your favorite sport? Except that he had looped the Blue Lantern ring through his tie. All of us have experienced at least some time in the education system. Eye-opening moment You find out your matches by filling out a checklist.

How we deal with anyone trying to test us, however, is key to all of this. Even if you're not a major sports nut, there's a chance you likely enjoy some sort of sport in some way. Unfortunately for him, it backfired.

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