Zimnyaya vishnya online dating

Zimnyaya vishnya online dating

Timur Kogan The authors of the

The ones who overcame the fear of the undeserved punishment and remained faithful to their vocation are now getting together. Orlov was too much of an individual to turn into a common executioner. She ruins her own family and takes part in deceiving people of her country. Any danger, any punishment would be better than lies and compromises with his conscience. Yelena can not find her way out of the impasse.

Gradually his ties to the world are getting thinner and thinner. He drives his bohemian chums around Moscow, sells them his vodka, only to see his client disappear without paying. He finds a village inhabited by some strange people, everyone seems to be possessed by some mystical maniacal ideas. One summer night, Mitya, a bread vagon driver, meets a girl and gives her a ride home. The disaster separated them rather than united.

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And at that time, a strange old man is wandering about the streets and markets, entering into conversations and asking confusing questions. Venya Kravchuk, Yuri Nazarov, Natasha Tikhomirova Set in the days of Khrushchev's thaw, the film centers on the complicated relations of a father and his teenager son. He behaves in a way that earlier would seem to him unthinkable and crazy. Capitain Glazkov, an Afghan war veteran and now the deputy chief of the police department for fight with organized crime, helps Kornilov. The film is dedicated to the memory of Vera Kholodnaya, the famous Russian film star.

Loathing morals and manners of a small provincial town, its miserable and half drunk inhabitants, Shumilka is prepared to take vengeance on the surrounding world. In this world of total madness, the heroes of the film try to find answers and, moreover, they feel it necessary to give answers to the questions put before them. Petersburg street and went in a shoe repair shop. Gradually the man becomes the focus of public irritation.

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The story is pivoted on the conflict of two strong and exceptional characters. All the village came to Motl celebrate opening of his store. Basically the film is set in a mental hospital. Reflecting himself in the characters he plays on stage, in eyes of women, in the silent awe of the audience he looses touch with his ego.

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The film offers the vivid story of fatal love between Loparev and Yefimia, as well as the description of exceptional Russian characters, it meditates on the inevitable fall of tyranny. Kornilov begins his own investigation of the murder. We see how the inner world of a man collapses when the world around him goes to pieces.

For her former lover Vadim, the clock seems to have stopped. We also see what methods the mafia is using today.

He returns to his native town, to his mother's hut standing near the dump. Accidentaly he gets hold of the original documents about preparation of a communist coup. During shooting of a film Shuvalov is killed. He is forever listening to his friends advising him not to miss his chance. In the eyes of many Count Orlov, the executor of the Empress's will, was an accomplished villain.

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Timur Kogan The authors of the film take a close-up of Farukh Ruzimatov, a brilliant ballet soloist who successfully performed in America and Japan. Aristides, Harmodius and Critas who led the city-state to defeat and collapse. Pursuing her goals she easily discards ethical standards. He is also a dissident and a police informer, who has long complicated relations with the authorities. Filipp disappears but the brief encounter has changed Andrei, allowed him to discover his vast resources of love and humanism and to obtain confidence in himself.