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It uses a combination of the start position names from the stock map and new start positions on every airport. Articles with topics of unclear notability from August All articles with topics of unclear notability.

On the plus side, you can simulate various weather conditions for both day and night flights and generate multiple overcast layers. This map is aimed towards civlian flight, with few military facilities. The game automatically records your flights, kaputa mp3 which means you can replay a recording to analyze your flying skills.

If you want, you can simply replace the stock map files. This map also incorporates the San Francisco and Tokyo maps into California. The large number of small airports makes this a great map for general aviation. See User Guide for modding permissions and lots of useful information about the aircraft. You can read those three descriptions to see a full list of airports included.

This is another of my series of fictional island maps. The longest runway is closed now, but is still available for emergency landings. It is a compilation map of many previous maps you will find on this page.

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This was created from Skyline's base mesh. Have fun, and don't cheat! This map includes the Tohoku Ext and Tokyo maps. You can also pick and choose which maps you download by continuing down the page and clicking one link at a time.

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The Bombardier C Series is a new regional jet by the Canadian manufacturer. Pacific Rim - Not part of any map pack. There is also a start position on a rooftop helipad in San Francisco. You many not re-package any of my addons without my express written permission. This map covers the state of Florida, along with portions of land in Georgia and some airports in Alabama.

Please test it and let me know what you think. This is just a simple map of the island to fly around with no enemy positions. This is a new map of West Tennessee. Important cities include Carson City and Reno. This map includes a combination of several maps scaled down.

Also included are a lite and detailed cockpit. Lihue is made correctly, as the stock map has it rotated.

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There are many airports for military, commercial, and general aviation. If you want to keep the stocks, you can also use the provided. The Boeing and its military derivatives are used around the world. To make it easier to download all of my maps at once, there are three packages here. Each airport has start positions at terminals and parking areas.

YS Flight Simulator 2018/10/01

This pack features several variants as well as a custom made Kingfisher Missile. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Scroll further down to see Dreamland, a much-improved version of this map. This update can overwrite all previous versions of my decals pack and contains several fonts and other useful things for modders.

The screenshot link below gives a map with labels of the airports. After creating and packs I asked Skyline for a mesh and he answered.

It was made to be part of the Guam to SoCal map. The second map is Aruba vs. Download from Mediafire here Mirror Download Link. Please use one of following banners.

Currently, this map inclues a variety of airports and military air fields across the state. Some of my older maps require other ground objects packs. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Again, that area is not detailed, but I did make the Swords crossing the street. One map is a plain map of Aruba with some buildings, golf courses, and cruise ships.

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Hawaii has been updated with an improved version of Hawaii that includes additional airports and start positions. Actually I had to make more-than-expected corrections in user-interface. Due to the fact that this map was created using Styk's Arizona map, the regular terms of use do not apply. The only real similarity is that the shape of the volcanic islands.

This is a map of the Kamchatka Peninsula of eastern Russia. The obvious choice is the joystick as it provides better control of the aircraft in the air. Depending on your computer you may experience some shaking on this map as it is large and has many elevation grids and ground objects. The base mesh was from Takety.