Younique 3d fiber lashes asian dating

Younique 3d fiber lashes asian dating

Next the transplarent gel is appliedMake sure you useEmail Address I'd like toApply one coat ofAfter I apply a thin layer

Next, the transplarent gel is applied. Apply one coat of the Younique Transplanting Gel.

Apply the transplanting gel

It is applied like mascara. You should have seen the first time I put on regular mascara, the transplanting gel, and then the fibers. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. This is only step where I want the lashes to be dry.

Apply the Younique Natural fibers. When I do want a more dramatic look, I apply the same steps above, plus another coat of the fibers and transplanting gel. This product is pretty amazing.

Apply a thin coat of your normal mascara. About six months ago I decided to give eyelash extensions a try. The mascara is water-resistant which is a big plus for me.

And while I may not do this every day, I love that with a few quick steps, my lashes can go from pretty good, to redonkulous. Today we are talking eyelashes. One of the tubes is the transplanting gel, the other is the fibers.

Shades of Scarlet, Huddersfield

Apply the transplanting gel to the top lashes of one eye. If you would like to purchase Younique products, you have to order them through Younique Reps. After I apply a thin layer of transplanting gel, I immediately start applying the fibers to my already wet lashes. Make sure you use smooth, slow strokes and coat all of the lashes from base to tip. Email Address I'd like to receive the free email course.

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