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What is Whatsapp Plus

WhatsApp Plus Free Download v3.50 Apk Latest (UPDATED 24th Dec 2015)

All the third party WhatsApp clients has been banned by WhatsApp. Hi ive shared the link via twitter TheHiggzBoson but link is still locked please help Reply. First of all I would like to tell you that cracked version are not working properly so that is why you are facing these problems. But I can install original WhatsApp. So please follow all the steps mentioned in the post above Reply.

Features WhatsApp Plus

When i give call verification, i get this msg. Whatsapp Plus is basically nothing but a mod which changes the old Whatsapp look and also lets users customize the interface and also adds many new features too which the Whatsapp does not provide. Send me the link to download that updated whatsaap plus Plz.

This software come with lot of changes and improvements. If you could have an idea on how ths works, quick heal antivirus crack file kindly update Reply.

You can connect to people which you can talk and send message to people. Check your inbox the link has been mailed to you.

If its already inbuilt then you cant delete the it normally. No there is no such feature available so far!

Please download the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger

So just follow the steps I have shown above okk. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. Tge second time I try to verify the number, it doesnt verify. Pls send the app to my mail Reply.

WhatsApp Plus v (Recall Messages) MOD APK is Here LATEST

Then I even did a back up for the conversations n then tried what u said. The developer of the application has already withdrawn from its development.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Did you followed all the steps which I have showed up properly? When i switch for voice verification.

You need to like to download the link so kindly like in the post above to download whatsapp plus for free. Sanket pls add new version of whats app plus coz in normal whats app there is updated that emojis in colourfull also Reply. You can send unlimited pictures and files with is app.

WhatsApp Plus has been discontinued now, so there is no download link available. Check your inbox the link have been mailed to you Reply. Uninstall original whatsapp and now install whatsapp plus. Just tell me that you had that old Whatsapp Earlier?

This version has added an option to check contact activity with the help of WhatsApp log. Your numbers of are saved in your app and you can used these contacts very easily.

Please download latest version. Whatsapp Plus is back with the latest version and is not better than before. Am using techno Phantom Z. Yazid I have not tested it so far for Groups but you can try it let me know if it can have large groups i.

WhatsApp Plus

If you could have an idea on how ths works, kindly update. Can you tell me why this is happening? In order to Install it you will first need to delete your Old Whatsapp but before deleting just take a Backup. WhatsApp Plus is best app for messaging. Lets see whats in the box for me.

What is Whatsapp Plus

So please follow all the steps mentioned in the post above. You can send voice and text messages and also send images and it is best messenger for desktop. Sms verification take failed. This messaging application have many features and functions which are as follows.

As it has been mentioned above, WhatsApp Plus has been banned and the project has been dropped by the developer. This app has many features and functions which used in your android phone. Make sure you are not having any whatsapp in your cell then reboot your phone and then install the whatsapp plus. The application from appstore that hides the status, does it depend on stopping all cnxns then restoring them?

Okk and is your old Whatsapp running properly? Download the Latest version from the post above as I have updated the download link with the latest version of Whatsapp Plus which fixes the bugs. WhatsApp Plus is one of the best app for android phone. Earlier one month before I had installed this same whatsapp plus version and it worked fine but now I cant understand why it is not installing properply.