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Highlight a field and enter the name. The first is to heat the oil to higher temperatures and to thereby decrease its viscosity so that it more easily flows through the formation toward the producing wells. Standard initial conditions for Casing are undisturbed temperatures and densities generated from the primary cementing and landing data. Then oil is produced out of the same well, at first by natural flow since the steam injection will have increased the reservoir pressure and then by artificial lift.

To use this feature, highlight select the casing load to copy and then click Copy Load to create a copy at the end of the Name list. Columns Name Name of the grade whose properties are being specified. Two mechanisms are at work to improve the amount of oil recovered.

Fluids contains fluids appropriate for the selected operation. While more steam is needed for this method than for the cyclic method, it is typically more effective at recovering a larger portion of the oil. Click an item for a submenu description. After all requirements described above are completed, use the Analysis menu commands to input data necessary for MultiString analysis. If you prefer to review the changes by watching a video, you can access a video at the following file location.

Collapse Specify the percentage of the collapse stress rating to be used in the stress analysis. The deep water capabilities include temperature mitigation.

WELLCAT Software

This reduces the need for artificial lift techniques and increasing total ultimate recovery. Popular in Mechanical Engineering. Wellbore Menu This menu has commands used to display the well schematic and specify wellbore properties. The inventory is automatically sorted on keys specified in the Sorting dialog. This is a desirable feature when modeling production operations that are sequential in order so that the well temperature history can be accurately tracked.

Prior Operations The prior operation to which the current operation will be linked. Depth is the Unit System parameter. After you select your load type and profile, click Details to access the Load Details dialog so you can define load type and external pressure profile details. This cost does not include connections. Click a name for information about that tab.

You must be using Casing to define casing profiles and Tube for tubing profiles. Tool-Length Specify the length of the tool. In the Heat Conduction Properties cell, select the material or alloy that the grade is made of from the.

Initial condition values should be entered, at a minimum, at the strings top and base. Time is the Unit System parameter. Cold Startups In some subsea completions, a cold startup initial flow can be hampered or made impossible because of temperature losses and hydrating near the seabed mudline. Note As a shortcut, you can also access these products by clicking their buttons on the Product toolbar. Enter a value or double-click the cell for a drop-down list box displaying the appropriate values available.

Casing (Borehole)

Three-section string configuration e. You can globally change ratings by using the Change Critical Dimensions command. Structure and Change in Economic History - Summary. The template file used to build the well file provides default values contained in the inventories.

Casing (Borehole)

Cementing operations temperatures, including inner string cementing. Heat Conduction Properties Select the material or alloy that the coiled tubing is made of from the drop-down list.

Modeling this type of operation and well configuration requires the usage of multiple WellCat modules. Document represents WellCat software guide material and is a very comprehensive guide for the guys and ladies especially in the field of petroleum engineering. The software calculates accurate downhole temperature and pressure profiles which can be used for pipe-body movement and casing and tubing load analysis. No two entries should have the same name, comedy mp3 but the software does not strictly enforce this.

Re WELLCAT Software

The Steam Details Tab is used to input steam injection details. Collapse performance rating for the pipe.

If the specified length is greater than the calculated length that can pass freely, the force required to push or pull the tool through the tubing is calculated. Tools Menu Click a command for a description. Yield Specify the Minimum yield strength for the grade or material. The Grade or Name you created is now available for selection by double-clicking the Grade or Name cell. For example, if you last used Prod with file A, the program starts Prod the next time file A is selected.

Wellcat Guide Material

For a listing of the string selection methods available, see Selecting a String. Enter a numeric value for the duration, and then specify the time units, such as minutes or days. Weight Specify the nominal weight per unit length of the pipe. Wall Thickness Specify the thickness of the coiled tubing wall. It has full transient analysis, linked analysis with Casing, and is an advanced Windows-environment engineering tool for predicting.

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Wellcat Guide Material

Wellcat Guide Material