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Bitzer is very upset as he treasured his old hat. Shaun must keep the giant toddler out of sight while trying to figure out how to return him to normal size. He wants to look his best so it's time to dust off his prized hairpiece.

But when he sees his master's clumsy attempt to build a new kennel, Bitzer is so horrified he packs his bags and leaves home. After a wash in the sheep dip, the new comer turns out to be quite attractive and Shaun immediately falls head over hoof for her.

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It's up to the flock to catch the bouncing baby sheep and return him to the tub before he destroys the farm. Will they get the cockerel back in time to wake up the rest of the farm? In trying to escape, Timmy gets a spring attached to his tail. Bitzer is entrusted with posting the invites but fools around on the way to the post box and loses them all!

Do you like this video?

But can they fool the Farmer into believing he is surrounded by his friends? The Farmer discovers his old golf clubs and decides to knock a few balls around in the field, instantly putting his back out. When the mouse takes refuge in Shaun's fleece, the flock persuade him to protect their new friend from the pitiless cat.

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Unfortunately Bitzer goes completely over the top with his training regime and starts running the farm with military precision driving everyone crazy. Before long, the power of the trumpet goes to his head and his fanfares and jazz styled bugling drives the flock around the bend. The race is on as Shaun and Bitzer try to return the wig in time for the Farmer's big night.

The flock are kept amused by Shaun's romantic antics, while Bitzer goes on a journey to find her rightful owner. The power crazy pigs take the opportunity to turn the farm into a porky paradise - at the sheep's expense. Can the sheep rescue Timmy and return the quad bike before the Farmer finds out? Down on the ground an ever more desperate Bitzer runs himself ragged attempting to bring the wayward sheep back down to Earth safely.

But lazy Bitzer soon gets bored and gives Shaun the job while he puts his feet up by the pool. When Shaun discovers the cockerel has been snatched by the greedy fox, he sets off with Bitzer on a daring rescue mission. Shaun takes the opportunity to learn how to play while Bitzer, who desperately wants to show off his golfing prowess, dating someone with borderline personality disorder symptoms is forced to tend to his injured master inside the house. The din they create annoys the sheep so much that Shaun decides he has to do something to stop them.

They must repair the damage before the Farmer finds out! As soon as the Farmer's back is turned, Shaun and the flock adapt the noisy new contraption into something much more fun - a fairground big-wheel. Shaun hopes to tempt Bitzer to return with the kennel of his dreams. Shaun and the flock must struggle and strain to lift the heavy block and retrieve the precious toy. Shaun saves the day again - disguised in their own ingenious costumes, the sheep stand in as the guests and have a right old knees-up.

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Unfortunately, the selfish pigs don't want to share. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Seeing a way to make money, the Farmer transforms Shaun's field into an exotic duck enclosure, which he gleefully opens to the public. Bitzer tries in vain to warn his master what is going on behind his back, but it's Shaun who steps in and restores the status quo. He decides to spend the night in the barn but his incessant snoring drives the flock mad.

Realising he now has the power to boss Bitzer around, Shaun takes the opportunity to throw a bit of a party for the flock. They set about trying to nurse it back to health before releasing it back into the wild. The magpie's nest soon begins to fill up with loot and Shaun has to come up with a brilliant plan to outwit the burgling bird.

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