Tvxq dating rumors

Tvxq dating rumors

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First Things sold over a million copies and was certified million by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. He has great chemistry with any co-star, and is a genuine acting talent with some still unpolished rough edges.

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Koda released the remaining eight singles in the beginning of the new year. In March, Koda embarked on a Japan-wide arena tour for the album Japonesque. Those are the feelings kin the song. And we all know what happened to Ethan after that.

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For some reason I just like Baron and Roy. It was his first acting role, and he had incredible screen presence and great chemistry with his co-stars Zai Zai and Sonia Sui. My favorite Ethan performance is in My Queen, where he redefined the noona-dongsaeng romance. Black Cherry became the first female studio album to stay atop the charts for four weeks since Ayumi Hamasaki's album Duty.

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The former is a compilation of collaborations with other artists and the latter is a remix album. Less than a month later, she released her fourth album, Secret. However, I can happily watch any of these men below in any drama, as long as the drama is good. Supposedly they had such great chemistry they were reunited in Why Why Love. It was at this time that Koda announced a nationwide arena tour of Japan in for the album Japonesque.

Jiro Wang Jiro is the other Fahrenheit member other than Wu Zun to transition to solid leading man status. Ming Dao There are two Ming Daos. Both albums topped the Oricon Weekly Charts at number one and number two. Soon thereafter, Koda embarked on the Bon Voyage Hall Tour, a series of concerts held throughout Japan to help promote the album.