The most intimidating zodiac sign

The most intimidating zodiac sign

Taurus The Taurus

She is not someone that is easy to read or easy to get used to. Leo The Leo woman is someone that carries his or herself in a way that makes people want to be around them but also keeps them wondering how to go about it. She makes people very nervous and they tend to treat her as if she is a celebrity when she is just like everyone else. Gemini The Gemini woman is intimidating because no one even knows what to expect from her.

People never really get to know her in the ways that they do others. She just listens to her inner voice that always helps her get the right decision. All men get pretty intimidated when she opens her mouth and starts reproaching them for doing something stupid. Some of them are welcoming and open while others are cold and distant. People are usually unsure of how to talk to her and she comes off as unapproachable for many different reasons.

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Because of how confident the Leo is she just comes off as very intimidating. She is very sarcastic but also quite sensual.

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There are all kinds of women within the zodiac. She is strong and independent, and she knows how much she brings to the table.

Aries An Aries woman is a real boss, and she is not afraid to show that. She is witty and intelligent, and she knows how to handle all her love problems before they even start to bother her. She never falls for words but only for actions, so if you want to impress her, you will have to go the extra mile because she knows that she is worthy of that. That being said, they all hold their own well.

They are all intimidated because she handles problems so easily like they never existed. She gets things done on her own time and will not ask for help. When she is at her workplace, she is a real beast, so no man wants to approach her.

Taurus The Taurus woman comes off as intimidating because of how stubborn and high strung she can be. She is someone who knows what she wants, and she never settles for less than she deserves. She is someone that comes off as nice but can explode in an instant.