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Sword art online hollow fragment dating spots, game Information

Ending This Section is missing some information. It is written to help you raise affection levels with your in-game friends through the chat system. Infinity Moment has Strea, an original character who Kirito meets in the game. Then you have press the Circle button when you see an orange chat bubble above your partner's head.

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Hollow Fragment to North America and Europe. The battle was interrupted by the appearance of the Hollow Deadening Reaper. Can you tell us why you added more date elements into Hollow Fragment like holding hands and carrying characters?

Side Stories This section includes side stories that are new to the game and not found in the previous game, Infinity Moment. Standing near the various shops.

Some lines only appear at night. Some chat triggers may only appear in higher mood levels or approval rank, some are just rare. When we released Infinity Moment in Japan we did a lot of research and listened to what the fans said.

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Can you tell us about developing the original storylines for Hollow Fragment and Infinity Moment? Just like the previous game, Infinity Moment, Hollow Fragment features multiple endings for the floor-clearing part. The Chat System To initiate a chat, you first have to take your partner to a dating spot. Dating Spots There are several dating spots in the game. The original inspiration came from the idea of Yui having another sister.

Game Information

Depending on the theme of the next game, if there is a next game, we may change it to match other game styles. Small arch bridge in Teleport Gate.

Do the same to change the time back to morning. The spot is above the stairs, right outside of Agil's Shop.

After Kirito met her at the location several times, Sachi told Kirito that she must fight and thus Kirito and Sachi grouped up. Bandai Namco also said they are cleaning up the English translation from the Asian version for the North American release. The back alley around the middle of Shopping Street. You can reset chat triggers by going to different areas around town.

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Time can also decrease randomly if you press the wrong button, this may also end the chat. The tall monument in the middle of Central Plaza. The partner will keep talking in nonsensical and poorly translated sentences until you get a prompt to press either the Circle button or the R shoulder button. Depending on your play style there are other ways to level up more efficiently.

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This Section is open for adoption. Standing near the fountain in Central Plaza. Having the partner change depending on how you act is something we wanted to do. Chat Triggers You can press the Triangle button to target your partner before chat triggers appear to make it easier to talk to them in crowded areas.

The proficiency portion of skill points can be inherited. Most of the endings are the same as in Infinity Moment, with the exception of the duel against Yuuki during the game's first clearance. The sentences will be grouped together in one table based on the chat trigger you get. Despite feeling very afraid, as Kirito held her hand to calm her down, Sachi still decided to carry on. Never thought of entering Kiritos's room while Bridal Carrying a heroine.

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The update will also include usability and game balance adjustments, increase of treasure, hollow missions, seinfeld elaine dating doctor and the payback of doing missions. Hollow Fragment will increase to after the update.