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The report of a rifle echoed from rock to rock for some time. Phelps to take a large exploring party through Utah in to locate places suitable for settlement by the immigrants. From there they followed the Provo River to its mouth.

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County, Summit County, Utah

The echo imitated every note. The exception to this is Park City and nearby communities Snyderville that were mainly established because of mining in this area. As part of this responsibility, Recorders of Deeds typically keep detailed plat maps. Just beyond Kamas two towns were settled called Francis and Woodland which are located along the Provo River. From there, the Weber River meanders through the meadowland where Coalville, and Hoytsville are located.

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These plat maps provide detailed information on a neighborhood or local area, including property boundaries and divisions, lot dimensions, parcel and street numbers, and land sizes. These maps contain important information for prospective buyers who may be concerned about easements, rights of way, flood zones, and public access on a particular plot of land.

Plat maps also contain important information for prospective buyers about flood zones, easements, rights of way, and public access. These property assessments are used to levy property taxes. These maps show the subdivisions in a tract of land, including boundary locations, parcel and street numbers, property lines, and lot dimensions. The county got its name because of the high mountains which offer fantastic outdoor recreation in both summer and winter.

The rattling of the wagons resembled carpenters hammering at boards inside the high rock. The towns of Henefer and Echo are part of the area where the pioneers first came. However, recreation is not what the pioneers were looking for at the time they settled this area. Even the oxen seemed spooked as they could hear the echo of their own footsteps and thought there were other oxen ahead. Each spring water flows from the mountain creeks and rivers into the lush, green valleys.

Plat maps also include flood zones, easements, and rights of ways, as well as public access land. The lowing of cattle and the braying of mules seemed to be answered beyond the mountains. The pioneers traveled first through Echo Canyon, named such for the strong echo effect the narrow canyon created. In addition, Assessors maintain detailed neighborhood maps that contain information about the properties. These plat maps include all the lots in a tract of land, boundary locations, street numbers, property lines, and lot dimensions.

Still following the meandering river, the scouting party approached the areas now known as Peoa, Oakley, Marion and Kamas. In order to collect property taxes, the Treasurer and Tax Collector typically maintains maps covering its jurisdiction, including plat maps. These plat maps show the property boundaries in a neighborhood, including lots and their dimensions, boundary locations, streets and street numbers, and parcel numbers. Nearly one-half of the County is mountainous and much of the High Uintas Wilderness Area is located within its boundaries.

The high rocks on the north and high mountains on the south with a narrow ravine for a road formed scenery at once more romantic and more interesting than any I had ever witnessed. It is from this expedition that most of the communities in Summit County evolved. Music, especially brass instruments, had a very pleasing effect. This was one of the first areas where coal was mined. Plat maps also show any easements or rights of way.

The river then passes by the town known as Wanship, and just beyond there was the community knows as Rockport which is now covered by the water of the Rockport Reservoir.