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However, the operating conditions of the tractor were much harsher than those of a typical Model T car or truck. Frequently the month and year the coil was manufactured will be found printed on the backs of these coils as well. This spark is undesirable for two reasons.

Note the knurled brass thumbnut that adjusts the gap between the points. While the Ford and K-W coil units produced during this time period were interchangeable, they were not identical.

At the instant the contact points separate, the current flowing in the primary circuit begins to flow into one side of the condenser. The Tractor Units The Fordson tractor introduced during used the same basic ignition system, including a magneto, as the Model T.

Starting with the magnets on the flywheel located midway between two coils on the magneto coil ring, the voltage will be zero. The closing of contact within the timer would allow current to flow through the primary circuit at the proper time, initiating the vibrating of the coil and the stream of sparks. The cushion spring did much to eliminate most of the trouble caused by the variable factors of voltage, current and frequency in the Model T magneto.

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The small gear visible in the photograph drives the water circulating pump. In over eight million coils were needed just to meet the requirements of new Model T production. Synchronization refers to the timing of the high-tension spark from each of the coils. Then a month later a second change was made.

Other early K-W units have a simpler trademark burned into the back of the coil. The spark could not be retarded for starting the engine nor advanced to increase its speed. The principle behind the master vibrator coil is quite simple. Once in the manifold, the gas would be swept up and drawn into the cylinders by the air rushing through the manifold on the intake stroke. Brass top coil units can be found which use the tongue and groove box, but which also use six brass round head screws to hold the brass top to the wood box.

To accomplish this, a commutator or timer is used. The engine of the Fordson was expected to operate at high speed for long time periods. It is this surge that produces the spark that enables the make and break ignition system to ignite the charge in the cylinder. The removable door on the brass-top coils was attached in the same manner. The center picture has the mounting area bent away to show the grub screw used to adjust the tension of the vibrator.

What follows is our best attempt to categorize and illustrate the features of different Model T ignition coils and to approximately date their use on the Model T Ford. Over the course of the next six years Ford Motor Company and K-W worked closely together in the manufacture of ignition coils. Literally the two contact points would bounce off of one another before a good contact between the points could be made. One of the first principle suppliers of spark plugs and vibrator coils was the Splitdorf Company of New York.

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The power generated by the magneto was then used to supply the stock ignition coils of the car. Never-the-less, the circle K-W brand set the pattern for marking K-W coils for the balance of wood box coil production. Two electrodes or contacts were attached inside the cylinder head, one insulated and fixed, and the other one moveable and grounded. Along with the new model came a new ignition coil supplier. The last two years we've been building and building and I'm happy to see the direction we're going.

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The box used the standard Kingston switch and latches and replaced the standard Ford box with no modifications. The brass tops on both the Ford and the K-W coils produced during this era were held onto the wood boxes by six brass or brass plated round head wood screws. Wood was elected the city's first mayor.