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Bill starts off leading with work, but then relaxes into total nerd territory talking about cartoons and Twitter. He is a perfectionist so Patti calls in life coach Matt Bennett to break Frank of his out of controlling ways and bring him back down to earth.

For Skylar it is all superficial, and Patti must take him under her wing to find him his first girlfriend. Patti learns Skylar has never had a girlfriend and wants a girl who looks like Brittney Spears before she shaved her head and beat up a paparazzo with an umbrella. Helping the Self-Helpers This week, both of Patti's clients are self-help gurus who can't seem to help themselves when it comes to finding love.

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Now he's ready to find the love of his life, but his confidence is way off. Can she help Eric get out of his head and into his heart? Gary Coxe is a motivational speaker with a huge checklist depicting what he wants in a woman. The Prince and I Patti's first client this week is brand new to being a millionaire.

Patti makes her team scrounge for more blondes for Skylar. Skylar Hauswirth is a Millionaire in Training. Patti's second client is year-old trust fund baby Skylar Hauswirth. Jones is a twice-divorced celebrity hypnotherapist who typically finds himself dating the wrong type of women. Jason is a food business owner from Pennsylvania who needs to loosen up.

Meanwhile, Patti has her hands full with David Mezheritsky, a year-old Canadian with traditional Russian roots. They grab lunch and bond over what they want for their futures. Patti enlists specialist Dr. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. The year-old trust fund baby and nightlife entrepreneur is blonde, blue-eyed and Jewish!

Patti rates him a C- in his progress. The Mixer is a pool party. Is it wrong that being friends with Patti lowered my opinion of Jenny just a wee bit? Abe is good looking, successful and ready to get married, but he has spent the last three years in prison. Loved the perma-wedgie, K!

Bill takes Tracy to Santa Monica Peer and starts out by giving her some silly sunglasses to break the ice. Patti is appalled to learn that David is a chauvinist at heart, who believes that career women don't make good wives. They make plans to see the Dodgers this week.

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After lunch Bill and Tracy take a ride on the Ferris Wheel and Bill goes for the kiss, pretty much rejected when she returns with a closed mouth peck. Then, Patti does a mammogram on another potential that is rejected for wardrobe malfunctions. This time he wants a woman who has beauty, brains, style and an entrepreneurial spirit, but Patti tries to tell him that nobody is perfect.

Patti is not impressed and puts them both on the spot by speaker phoning Jen while Skylar is in her office. Skylar, of course, dating a distant friends ex-girlfriend picked Kristen who did not make eye contact the entire mini date and talked about her looks the entire time. Patti slips her in as a tester to see if Skylar is serious about looking for a girlfriend or just a hook-up.