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Five more have been injured. Two killed, five injured in explosion at fireworks factory in Sivakasi. The hunted becomes the Hunter to secure his future.

Sivakasi finds the old possessions and realizes he has to return to make things right. Watched Tamil Movies - Kollywood. Their father Rajesh interrogates Sivakasi.

Joseph Vijay, Jyothika, Avinash. Udayappa tells Muthappa to not tell that it was him.

Tamil Movie Sivakasi Video Songs

Eight persons have died in a fire accident at Sivakasi, the huge cracker manufacturing hub in Tamil Nadu. Three people have died in an explosion in a cracker factory near Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu. Vetrivel and his friend engage in a cat-and-mouse game with a don named Koccha, to find his lost father.

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Joseph Vijay, Shriya Saran, Namitha. Your search did not match any documents. The foreman of a fireworks factory was arrested today in connection with fire and explosion there police said today. Udayappa then pours petrol all over Sivakasi and nearly burns him alive.

Learn more More Like This. Udayappa smirks and laughs throughout the thrashing. Toll goes up to five in Sivakasi firecracker factory explosion. Vijay Films Box-office verdict. Toll rises to eight in Tamil Nadu firecracker factory explosion.

Tamil Movie Sivakasi Video Songs

After finding out the pitiable condition of his mother and sister, he decides to teach a lesson to Udayappa. Sivakasi leaves for his village and realises how much has changed over the years. Unfortunately, he has a lookalike who's a crook. Was this review helpful to you?

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College friends Jenny and Shiva part ways due to a misunderstanding. He leaves his home at the age of eight due to some fall out with his father caused by his elder brother. Till then, he will not reveal his identity. Sivakasi is criticized by Hema for his actions and she leaves him saying his family's agreement will seal their marriage, and she will not marry anyone else but him until his family approves. His mother works at a fireworks factory in Tamil Nadu's Sivakasi and was injured some years ago in a fire.

In the election, his sister wins by a huge margin, Udayappa losing his deposit. Udayappa's wife as Saranya M. Sivakasi earns the money turns in an empty piece of paper to Udayappa, who realizes he has been cheated. Sivakasi returns to the village the next day and continues to support his sister in the election by exposing the misdeeds of Udayappa and blackmailing him at every corner.

Sivakasi alias Muthappa Vijay is a do-gooder in Chennai who works as a welder there. One day, he lashes out at his lover's brothers and Hema yells at him. Udayappa begs forgiveness from his mother and she forgives him. Crackers manufacturers in Tamil Nadu, home to the national fireworks hub of Sivakasi, today decided to file a review petition in the Supreme Court against its order permitting only green crackers. Sivakasi's father dies of an instant heart attack.

The victims were workers of the unit at Narayanapuram village, four kms away from Sivakasi, the country's fireworks hub. Trivia Mallika Sherawat and Simran were considered to make the item number made my Nayanthara in the film. Muthappa's sister and mother cry for him to stop, but their father pays no attention. Sivakasi soon is known as an orphan and is respected by the local Chennai people and slowly his past drifts away from him.

Sivakasi - 35 News Result(s)

Sivakasi - 35 News Result(s)

Thirumalai, a mechanic, falls in love with Sweta. Three killed in explosion at firecracker factory in Tamil Nadu. He decides to stay and help his mother and sister regain their life. The theme revolves round the sacrifices he is called upon to make the mother and sister happy.

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One arrested in connection with explosion cracker factory in Sivakasi. With one more person succumbing to injuries at the government hospital in Sivakasi on Thursday, the toll in the explosion at a cracker manufacturing unit has gone up to eight, police said. Four persons were charred to death and three others seriously injured in a fire which broke out at a factory near Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu, arial black ttf police said on Wednesday. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. He has a girlfriend who loves him but also detests his violent nature.

Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Sivakasi gives her one slap and tells her that he was not the way he currently is. He is thrown by an enraged Udayappan. Muthappa runs away from his hometown because of his brother.

Muthappa was a good boy who lived in a village named Nattarasan Kottai and who followed his parents orders. Ten persons have been injured in the accident this afternoon. When he arrives to his hometown, he finds out about the sinister doings of this brother Udhayappa Prakash Raj to his mother Geetha and his sister Lakshana. Three charred to death in fireworks factory fire. Udayappa angrily orders his men to beat the others surrounding Sivakasi and to take away his mother and sister. Watch Tamil TV Serial Shows Online and Tamil Videos

Joseph Vijay, Amala Paul, Santhanam. She begs for life and is carted to the hospital. Muthappa secretly obtains two objects during the beating, his mother's bangles and his brother's glasses. Major explosion at cracker factory near Sivakasi. Since all his visions come true, he runs away to Mumbai when he sees himself stabbing his girlfriend.

Sivakasi goes to the rescue and saves Udayappa while killing all the goons except for the mother-in-law. When giri marry's her sister to a man in chennai and comes to visit the city his friend his brutally murdered by gangsters. He falls in love with a rich girl Hema Asin and her family accepts him as an honest and good man at heart.

He takes Arasu help to create differences between the couple. Fireworks missing in Sivakasi? He decides to take revenge.

Sivakasi becomes a celebrated hero in the village. Muthappa is left in a long period of silence. Muthappa obeys and Udayappa lights the firework. When his father questions how he got the bad habits he has, Udayappa retorts by asking his father to ask his wife who the offspring is. Udayappa screams to the village that it was Muthappa.

Sivakasi Tamil Movie Download

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