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In this article we speak only of scapulars approved by the Church. It is usually worn over the habit or soutane. In other respects nothing is prescribed concerning this scapular, although it usually bears on the front portion over the breast an image of the Mother of Sorrows. On the gold-coloured segment before the breast is the representation of St.

This medal must also be worn constantly, either about the neck or in some other seemly manner, and with it may be attained all the indulgences and privileges of the small scapulars without exception. The population of Samnium were called Samnites by the Romans. Thus originated the Blue Scapular of the Theatines in the seventeenth century, in connexion with which a confraternity was not founded until the nineteenth century.

Camillus, a picture of the Blessed Virgin is specially venerated under the title of Help of the Sick. The members of this Confraternity of the Seven Dolours of Mary also wore in later times a scapular which, like the habit of the order, had to be of black cloth. It is only in the case of the Red Scapular that the images are expressly prescribed.

At some point in prehistory, a population speaking a common language extended over both Samnium and Umbria. My student Michael Kocorowski encouraged and provoked me into beginning this dictionary. This scapular must likewise be worn constantly, if one wishes to gain the indulgences of the confraternity.

My student Michael

This picture suggested to a brother of the Order of St. Benedict To associate the faithful, who were not Oblates of St.

Magdalen at Rome, belonging to the Clerks Regular of St. Each person who joins the Confraternity of the Blessed Trinity must be invested with this scapular and must constantly wear it. It is especially necessary that persons who desire to share in the indulgences and privileges of the third orders shall wear the scapulars constantly. The best known scapular is that of the Third Order of St.

This scapular must likewise be worn

The General of the Mercedarians communicates to other priests the faculty of receiving into the confraternity and of blessing and investing with the scapular. From this developed the special monastic garment, to which a hood could be fastened at the back. This scapular usually bears on one side the image of our Lady of Mount Carmel, but neither this nor any other image is prescribed. The two segments of cloth need not necessarily be equally large, various scapulars having the segment before the breast of the above dimensions while the segment at the back is much smaller. Benedict but no picture is necessary.

The General of the Trinitarians may communicate to other priests the faculty of receiving into the confraternity and of blessing and investing with the scapular. The other portion of the scapular hanging at the back, consists simply of a small segment of black woollen cloth. Nothing is known of their origin. Beatrice and Beatrix may derive from via.

Other orders and numerous religious congregations both male and female have also adopted the scapular from the monastic orders. The Samnitic League at its peak, including also the Frentani tribe on the Adriatic Sea as a full member and controlling parts of both coasts of the Italian peninsula. According to a pious tradition the Blessed Virgin appeared to St.

Perhaps even the small scapular of the confraternity that for the laity may be suggested, since the reference is to persons coming from the world novices who should have this small scapular. This scapular thus appears to have been a portion of the night clothing of monks. Their own endonyms were Safinim for the country attested in one inscription and one coin legend and Safineis for the people.

At some point in prehistory a