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Pictured with co-star Dougray Scott. Before production began, she spent four months privately rehearsing with music and dance coaches. Acting sometimes reminds me of therapy in that the more you talk about a traumatic or profound event, the more it loses its emotional tension. Williams said she experienced very much the same thing.

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The film also found her falling in love with her co-star the late Health Ledger. Williams played Holly, an insecure bibliophile, a part that came close to her personality. They were just defined at an early age by the fact that others saw them that way. When funding came through after years of delay, she was reluctant to accept the offer as filming in California would take her away from her daughter for too long. The high-profile production marked a departure for her, and she found it difficult to adjust to the slower pace of filming.

Are Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams a Couple Off-Screen?

The series aired for six seasons from January to May and featured Williams as Jen Lindley, a precocious and promiscuous New York-based teenager who relocates to the fictional town of Capeside. She relocated to New York City soon after. Even in her slapstick, there's pain. Leslie Felperin of Variety found her role to be too brief. Though the actress considered it to be a light-hearted film, Jenny McCartney of The Daily Telegraph found a darker undertone to it and favorably compared its theme to that of Blue Valentine.

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Williams and co-star Ryan Gosling actually lived in the house used in the movie. Before production began, when to dump the guy you're dating my ex Cianfrance had Williams and Gosling live together for a month on a stipend that matched their character's income. Williams said she originally read the script almost a decade ago.

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He found a vulnerability in her and cast her as Alma, the wife of Ennis, who discovers her husband's homosexuality and infidelity. This exercise led to conflicts between them, which proved conducive for filming their character's deteriorating marriage. She considered it a major opportunity, as she had not headlined a big-budget film before. She took a year off work to focus on her daughter. In preparation, she took lessons on firing a gun and learned to knit.

Why is this pigeon bedazzled?

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You gotta take the time to get there. It's a complex and heart-wrenching love story about a couple that keeps coming together and falling apart.

Williams, who had not seen previous stagings of the play, was drawn to the ambiguity of her character and found herself unable to distance herself from it after each performance. The production featured gruesome violence and required Williams to perform a nude scene.

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Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling Say They Aren't Dating

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