Kenya's Not Interested in Roger Bobb

Roger bobb dating kenya moore

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Kenya's Not Interested in Roger Bobb - Kenya Moore

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Check out what the streets are saying, MediaTakeOut. Kenya lets everyone know that she has no interest in dating Bobb, who she has worked with in the past.

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May you be surrounded my love, light, and peace. Well at least that what I heard while eavesdropping.

Check out the rumor and see the pictures below. We were able to talk like two adults and move on. Roger Bobb was suppose to be a bachelor at the ball but things got really messy with the event planner. Kenya Moore Roger Bobb Post navigation. The two did not get a chance to meet at the ball.

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She stated herself that they were secretive and no one knew about them. But after watching the homie Wendy Williams I have learned that Kenya and Roger were actually hooking up. Eight years is a long time and I wish them all the best.

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This is a wonderful time of year and I wish you all a very safe, blessed, and joyful Holiday. Word on the street Kenya has been trying to get to Roger for months. It was a surprise to me, and the world, to learn that he has been dating Demetria for over seven years off and on.

He is all about that money. The rumor mill has been a buzz since I captured these pictures. This should be the happiest time of her life, but it has been overshadowed by the constant infighting.