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This character is by no means a prince, rather he is an adventurer who is about to get tangled up in a very difficult ordeal involving a princess. Stalk the streets of New York City, searching for the life you lead before. Elika tells the Prince that in order to restore the world and rid the corruption inhabiting it, they must heal all the Fertile Grounds in the kingdom. The game's storyline and setting borrowed some aspects from Zoroastrianism.

Honorable Mentions Video Games. However, this also means that what Ahriman has given is also taken back and Elika dies, leaving the Prince saddened. Still a good first effort so I hope this one does well enough so I can see how this story continues. When the Prince becomes grounded, the enemy makes a swift attempt to kill him. The outcome of the struggle was that Ormazd and his people, the Ahura, managed to imprison Ahriman and his minions, the Corrupted, in a tree.

Well he meets a princess being pursued by men and he steps in. The Hunter is one of the Corrupted. You do a number of climbs, jumps, and figure puzzles during this quest. He cuts down the Tree of Life and takes the light power Elika used to heal the Tree. The Prince re-creates the deal made by Elika's father.

In order to free her, you must escape dungeons, get to the palace tower and defeat Jaffar. Ormazd managed to imprison Ahriman and his Corruption inside the temple with the help of the Ahura. She was a woman skilled in politics who revered men of power.

Arriving at the temple, he started asking questions. While on their way, Elika shows her frustration with the Prince multiple times, believing bringing her back was not worth the price of the evil it unleashed. They are successful for a thousand years, at which point the Ahura started to lose their powers, so they leave. Throughout the journey, players combat various enemies as they attempt to cleanse the land of corruption. Was this review helpful to you?

Prince ( Game)

He makes an assumption that the pursers are after her and it is because of the magic she can perform. As the game progresses, the Prince can collect Light Seeds.

Inside the temple, the Prince and Elika are confronted by the Mourning King. In the end, Elika leaves the Prince in search for her people, ben 10 mp4 and the Prince is left alone with a bloodthirsty Ahriman seeking revenge.

Prince of Persia ( video game)

Elika explains that they must seal away Ahriman once again by healing the Fertile grounds spread all over the kingdom. You would be seeing a lot of game over screens that is for sure. In the journey, it is revealed that Elika had died prior to the beginning of the game. He is saved by Elika, who uses her magic to fly but is exhausted and drained so he carried her. After a long journey where he purifies the land, Elika gives up her life to seal Ahriman as it was Ahriman who gave her life back.

Elika leaves the Prince, however, they both end up battling Elika's father once again. Once inside, however, they are confronted by the king who is now a fully corrupted being.

Learn more More Like This. The Prince is capable of running on walls, sliding down walls, climbing walls, and jumping from wall-to-wall. Curious about her, he followed and he aids her when she is cornered, scaring her pursuers off.

The third Corrupted is called the Concubine. You are Alex Mercer, a shapeshifter with amazing powers of combat, destruction, and deception. The Mourning King voice J. With his only obstacle to the throne being the sultan's daughter, he locks her up.

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In a final battle against Elika's father, the Prince defeats him by impaling him on spikes, a visual reference to the original Prince of Persia game. For the original video game, see Prince of Persia video game. Prince of Persia The Fallen King.

Then, they are devoured and went through his mouth. Her father took her to Ahriman and asked him to revive her selling his soul in the process to Ahriman, thus making him one of the corrupted. Once inside the temple, the Prince and Elika are confronted by Elika's father, the Mourning King, who faces them in battle. Acrobatics remain largely unchanged from the Sands of Time trilogy, except that Elika now provides acrobatic support. Audible Download Audio Books.

Prince ( Game)

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The combat is one-on-one, and there are four main combat options. There are four Fertile Grounds there, each with a tree, that according to what Elika had told him, channel the power of all the Fertile Grounds to the Tree of Life. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Prince (2008 Game)

Now he is trapped in a palace with sand creatures and must undo the unfortunate deed he has done. The player will be prompted into a quick-time action, in which they will have to push a button to subdue the enemy and get back up into their healthy state. Ahriman rises from the corruption below. The Prince, unable to see because of the sand, stumbles into a canyon and meets Elika, who requests that he follow her into a temple at the center of the kingdom.

Prince of Persia (2008)

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