Photo engraving on wood in bangalore dating

Photo engraving on wood in bangalore dating

The economic policies of the East India Company were also resented by many Indians. All three medals are in very good condition and come mounted on card for safe storage or display.

Just a nice untouched lot. It has a black dial set onto a sail shaped piece pf beech wood. It comes in good condition but there is some wear to the surface of the badge, losing some of the detail to the high points.

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It has a walnut checkered grip with a small silver cartouche on the back and ornate curves to the trigger guard. This trio comes mounted as worn and look to have been worn with pride on many occasions.

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This one is in very good but used condition. The naming has also been erased but there is still a ghosting which can be seen. It comes with various copy documents, medal index card, medal roll, commonwealth war graves details etc. It has a good straight pin on the back along with good makers details etc for E. The badge comes in good condition with some light staining on the front and is complete with its slide pin on the back, it measures one inch in diameter.

This one comes from my own collection and I had two new lugs put on some time ago so it could be worn on a shako. Both badges are in very good original condition. It comes in good working order and it also shows the minimum working temperature in the office. Of these, the Army of the Bengal Presidency was the largest. The trunk holds the matches and they can be struck on the base.

It has also at a much later date been remounted on the wrong suspender. Unlike the other two, it recruited heavily from among high-caste Hindus and comparatively wealthy Muslims. This example has a solid brass hilt with a curved steel blade. They were used for target shooting in homes with a dedicated parlour or gallery for this purpose. This man probably went on to serve in the second world war, so a possible great research project.

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All three items came together and obviously belonged to the same person. It is the typical three-part construction, a silver frame with a magnetic iron core. Pot lids were highly collected in their day but when tin cans were widely introduced, this killed the potted goods industry.

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Felix and Richard Pratt discovered or invented a way that coloured transfer prints could be fired under glaze. It measures two inches in diameter. Now this scarce medal is not without its faults, the rim has contact marks and its original suspender and Indian bar are missing.

Apart from the above information, no detailed research has been done on this man. An interesting display item, or a practical tin waiting to be used once again.

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