Phil mitchell s relationships dating

Phil mitchell s relationships dating

Wanting Louise's address, he discovers that Peggy is back in London, so visits her. Witnessing Ian's grief prompts Phil to try to get back in touch with Ben, but he is stunned when Ritchie tells him that Ben has already been released from prison. Phil and Grant make peace but things between them are not the same. Nick overhears this, and cuts the brakes of the wedding car. Phil and Sharon reunite after her relationship with Jack ends.

Several women have left him due to this and his inability to put their needs before the needs of his family. Later, Louise goes to Walford to tell the family that Phil is in hospital with a damaged liver. Phil threatens Ian, forcing him to object to the relationship instead. Phil re-evaluates his life following his near-death experience and proposes to Shirley.

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Phil is unable to give Ronnie away on her wedding day to Jack, so she and Roxy visit him in hospital. Sharon, Kathy and Shirley go to the hospital to find out that Phil discharged himself.

Phil is hospitalised again with an infection and Sharon discovers that Phil has changed his will to leave everything to Louise so she forces him to have the will amended to include her. However, she decides that she still loves Phil and wants to be with him. She is a very loving wife and mother. Shirley supports Phil through recovery. It is revealed that Carl threatened Shirley to stay away from Walford or he would harm Phil's family.

Phil advises against it but Ben is adamant, however, Ben's psychiatric test results mean that it is unlikely he will be able to. Phil refuses to speak at Ronnie and Roxy's funeral, but changes his mind after Michelle now Jenna Russell speaks to him. Once recovered, Phil learns that Carl is framing Max Branning Jake Wood for causing the car crash, and is using Ian as a false witness. Louise asks Phil if she could have inherited Lisa's condition and Phil admits his part in causing Lisa's illness. After discovering Aidan has threatened Mick and his family, Phil punches Aidan and shows him evidence that he killed Luke, forcing him to leave Walford.

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They return together, then Phil confronts Carl. The police, Phil and Sharon discuss Lisa being traced through her cash withdrawals in Castle Point and that she has a mental health team. At the hospital, Phil demands to see his son, but Sharon gets him and Denise to talk calmly. He is airlifted to hospital and requires an operation. Louise realises Lisa is not taking her medication.

Phil visits James at his house and warns him to stay away from Kathy. Phil orders Sharon and Ben out, before storming off. Phil tells Sharon he wants to adopt Dennis. Phil finds Louise but she tells him to leave.

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