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After Haruhi literally stumbles in on the Ouran Host Club and breaks an expensive vase, she discovers there's only one way she'll ever be able to pay for the damage - working as a Host! Haruhi finds herself wandering a weird version of Ouran Academy that can only be described as a Wonderland! With Ouran Academy's physical exam threatening to expose Haruhi's secret, Tamaki is forced to utilize some diversionary tactics. Michelle, who is spoiled, should take break dating exploits this and orders him and the rest of the Host Club to treat and respect her with various gifts and other amenities.

She appears to be the most placid member of the club's ruling council, but she never objects to any of the club's plans, rather assisting and making things worse. She is estranged from her father, who owns restaurants in the Kansai region.

Her cover is blown and now she has to deal with him to keep her secret from getting out! In the anime, she is the first person Haruhi ever kisses, by accident, during a ball organized by the Host Club where they executed Tamaki's plan to bring Kanako and Tohru together. While at the beach, the twins make a game of finding ways to scare Haruhi!

But is that really the case? And she knows how to keep a secret. Well, this is exactly the situation for Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka! Both will contribute much to the mess that will eventually lead them being closer to each other than anyone else! Especially if it's Anime like Special A, I've pitched in the most relevant rom-com anime in this list.

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How will their unusual relationship turn out? She is second in everything from academics to sports. All hope is not lost though, because a boy from her class will soon bring her into the light! If romantic comedy anime are what you're searching for, then there's a lot of them in the world! With a formal party right around the corner, Tamaki masterminds a scheme to help her settle down with the right guy once and for all.

But between alligator attacks and the onslaught of a private police force, who will save the rescuers? Kyoya finds himself spending a day at a department store with Haruhi. Appropriately, Tamaki plays the part of the Mad Hatter.

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With the hopes of her dearest friends hanging in the balance, Haruhi makes her move! When Haruhi divulges the secret of how she can tell Hikaru from Kaoru, their sibling rivalry quickly spirals out of control.

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After some time with the Hosts, the tough guy starts looking at things differently - and he's looking at Haruhi in a whole new way, too! She manages all this while guarding their secret! Their whole family tree was cursed to represent the zodiac! This may have been nothing more than a lie, as her intentions were to lay down a ploy to steal Haruhi's first kiss in front of Tamaki as revenge for having defied the Zuka Club. And in this particular story, love will further complicate things for everyone in comical fashion!

Haruhi and the Host Club organize an event for the two to measure their relationship. Chizuru believes that all men are a lower form of life and finds the Host Club's bewilderment at her immunity to their charms amusing. The Zuka Club drops in to check out the notorious Hosts - and they aren't impressed. But with just one room available, only the Host who can charm Haruhi's boss the most will win a good night's sleep!

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For them, this is no laughing matter because it holds a dark secret both. To bring them together, Renge sets out to reinvent gloomy Nekozawa into a dreamy prince! It features a fair amount of romance and comedy as well! In fact, they have every intention of stealing Haruhi away from the boys. Initially, she permed her hair straight, but after Tamaki's advice, she reverted to her natural wavy hairstyle and became a regular at the Host Club.

She is one of few people who have recognised Haruhi's gender upon meeting her. Lobelia's Girl Academy and is the most popular of the Zuka Club's ruling council. In the end they conclude that Tamaki is just masking his true self, with Haruhi scolding Tamaki to stop doing it since he would destroy himself if he does so. As a matter of fact, it stands out in the shoujo and reverse harem genres. And when the two finally interact with each other, a surprisingly seamless chemical reaction is born!

She has no friends apart from her fellow members of the Black Magic Club and is very quiet and discreet. She was unsuccessful until Tamaki learns of their situation and decides to help. She has that title because she pales in comparison to her rival, Kei Takashima! She is the most energetic of the three girls and, as acknowledged by Chizuru, seems to be very intelligent. She has friends who are also quite on par with her and Kei.

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What are you going to watch next? Haruhi's classmates hold a Halloween competition to find out who can be the most horrifying! Tamaki is willing to serve her lavishly, in part due to her supposed resemblance to his own mother. And so, new experiences await for her and the other hosts!

She assimilates herself to the family, learning and getting to know everyone while treading through her own problems. At least she is closer to Nozaki more than ever before! With her boyish and simple looks, Haruhi is the new host of the club. From haunted caves to beachside bullies, the newest member of the Host Club proves as fearless as they come.

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As she gets to know the Host Club members better, Reiko begins to romantically attach herself with Honey, who is two years her senior. Hopefully, Hikaru can finally show everyone he's capable of being thoughtful of others!

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Tamaki, who already knew this from the start, advises her that she should understand her brother's situation and not be a selfish individual. On one occasion, Benio claims that she is following in the footsteps of her mother, who was supposedly president of the Zuka Club in her day. And so, the romantic mayhem begins and everyone is caught up and tangled in the rib-tickling mess! Haruhi's fickle client seems to have a new favorite Host every week.

Both of them secretly liked one another, but due to some misunderstanding and some odd circumstances, both of them eventually went their separate ways. This is the story of how two people loved one another without both of them knowing. She claims to have practiced many curses including one that is supposedly able to make someone fall in love with another.

On the day that they fatefully met, change begins to manifest in their hearts and souls. For two people who know nothing about being friendly or socially acceptable, their relationship shall spark a world of new emotions and feelings. The Hosts take action to rescue Haruhi after Benio manipulates her into taking the lead role in Lobelia's extravagant musical production. One day, a girl named Tooru Honda accidentally discovers the secret of the Souma family. She refers to herself with the Japanese first-person pronoun boku, which is used predominantly by males, although in increasing usage by females.