List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films

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The film was a modest worldwide box office success, but polarized critics. After some reservations about playing a teenage character, Johansson agreed to the play when a friend convinced her to take on the part.

She holds both American and Danish citizenship. Bette and Tina are a lesbian couple who were in a relationship for seven years prior to the show's beginning. Alice also has a relationship with Bette's boss Phyllis.

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Phyllis settles down with Bette's lawyer Joyce. Hunted by the military, Banner seeks to cure himself and prevent his condition from being weaponized. She dropped out of the project after backlash against the casting of a cisgender woman playing a transgender person. Max Sweeney formerly Moira Sweeney is a transgender man. Shane sleeps with many characters throughout the show and briefly considers marrying Carmen despite her ongoing affair with Cherie.

During filming of the former, a mixture of close-ups, concealing costumes, stunt doubles and visual effects were used to hide her pregnancy. Homecoming director Jon Watts. Variety's David Rooney wrote that Johansson's and Travolta's portrayals rescued the film. Dana's first love interest is Lara who she later gets back together with. They are on and off throughout the show.

Shane ends the show in a relationship with Jenny. Free from his captors, he decides to upgrade and don his armor in order to hunt down weapons that were sold under the table. He's in a relationship with Jenny who helps him during his transition. Drama nomination for her performance.

The film had a mixed critical reception and moderate box office returns. It was really fun seeing him play this really powerful character who's half in the bag. Tina is shown to be with both men and women when she is not with Bette. Webber interviewed actors before casting Johansson.

Jackson in a post-credits scene of the first film. The Avengers film Nick Fury, the director of S.

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Gordon-Levitt wrote the role for Johansson, who had previously admired his acting work. After replacing Kate Winslet with Johansson for the role, Allen changed the character's nationality from British to American. So now it really was in his room, so we had to figure out how to deal with the reality that the shield was in his workshop.