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This song is well connected to the movie's flow. The movie was produced by A. There are so many unrealistic points in this movie, paper port which are very hard to conceive and believe.

This article about a Telugu-language film of the s is a stub. However the openings for this film are terrific. Hence the mismatch of theme of the film and treatment of hero has made the screenplay look pretty mediocre in the first half and confused the crowds in the second half. His argument becomes the talk of the town and the headlines in various newspapers.

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In one of such political rally campaigns, the goons happen to enter the house of Naaga due to some petty quarrel. In that process, he spends lot of money on Naaga though he could not financially afford such a costly education. The best dialogue is - Janaalu Kulam kosam chastaaru.

He is at home with his characterization and did full justice as an actor for his role. Her role is very short and she did not suit the role well.

Lawrence composed the steps. There are powerful dialogues. The film's score was by Vidyasagar and Deva. Some times it appears like the reel is rotated at higher rpm so that frames come faster than the usual speed.

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He entertained crowds through his political satires. The pattern for this song is taken from Jyotika's solo from Tamil Kushi. There by he had nothing offer to the female audiences except for few sentimental scenes that have the scent of Tamil. Too much usage of violence and politics has taken the flavor of entertainment out of the film.

Naaga Movie Showtimes Review Songs Trailer Posters News & Videos

Stunts by Vikram Dharma are pretty good. This article is about the Telugu action-thriller film. Kaani Rashtram kosam chavadam lone vundi raajasam.

Out of six songs, the last song has got tremendous response, mainly because it is merged with the situation in film and it comes as a part of the story narration. Paruchuri brothers have saved some witty dialogues for Potti Kasaish role of Paruchuri Gopala Krishna. Sada, who stole the hearts of youth with her village belle getup in Jayam, has disappointed the crowds with this film. There is no smoothness in background music.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Those guys file a case on Naaga for injuring them. He also suggests that the politicians should use electronic media for campaign instead of wasting money by trying to influence voters with unfair means. Mandaram has insatiable thirst for the power. But it's the editing and postproduction effects that make the photography glossier.

In an attempt to create a subject that caters to the masses, he gave too much preference to the unwanted violence and excessive stunts. His expressions in ferocious and pathos scenes are effortless.

Jennifer is just a prop in this film for a couple of songs and a couple of scenes. There are six songs in this film.

This song is the best of the lot. This song comes in a very embarrassing situation. The first half of this film is decent and sensible to certain extent. If the hero is a strategic hero, the director needs to create such scenes where the tacit tactics of hero gets elevated like those in Shankar films like Gentleman, Bharateeyudu and Oke Okkadu. The universal talk about is film is that first half is average and second half had drawbacks.

Hence there is no kick in his role. The rest of the story is all about how Naaga overcame all the hurdles and emerge unscathed as a winner. Sunil did the role of Naaga buddy and provided some entertainment in first half.

Raghuvaran, who is seen as a rich father or sophisticated villain so far has done a character of a middleclass, honest and poor father. He failed to provide nativity touch and in few sentimental scenes we feel like we are watching a Tamil dubbed film. Rambha who did a special appearance has slimmed down a lot. By having a villain who looks absolutely weak and projecting a hero who is unbelievably heroic, the director could not balance the good and evil equation in the film.

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Her character is not at all useful for the story. It was dubbed in Hindi as Mera Kanoon. The re-recording of this song is not good. She did justice to the role of a greedy woman with comical outlook. Bantroth's ambition in life is to see his son Naaga as a truthful and noble lawyer serving the society.

But Shankar handled that film well by underplaying the character of Arjun most of the times and got the mass hero in Arjun out for a very few scenes where it was essential. Shekeela is given an apt role in this film. His dances are also pretty entertaining.

Father of Naaga dies in the process. Naaga campaigns for the ruling party candidate and contributes his part in the victory. Naaga is a Telugu political drama film starring Jr.

For other uses, see Naga disambiguation. Paruchuri brothers have done some terrific work in terms of dialogues in this film.

This song is taken in folk style in picturesque natural locations. Music by Deva and Vidya Sagar has mass orientation. The stylishness and conceptualization of the first fight is awesome. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Nazar did a role of honest Chief Minister who encourages genuine talents and earnestly work for the people. In the process, they bruise Naaga's father and sister. Photography by Ravindra Babu is very good. The opposition party uses the current draught situation in the state as the weapon to destabilize government. Paruchuri Brothers Dialogues.