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Change the table name to Product. We are missing the User Name. Therefore, we are done with this screen for now. The bottom line is that you have a lot of flexibility to add your own custom code and classes to LightSwitch. You can then specify the name and type of the data item.

You can use grouping controls like the Table Layout and Rows and Columns Layouts to fine-tune exactly where and how controls should display. LightSwitch applications are based on Silverlight and a solid. Formatting Output When we look at the Order Details, we see that it is not formatted the way we want. ProjectMaterials Into Sum m.

Each data source you bring into your LightSwitch application has its own data workspace. The Search Screen, Editable Grid Screen, and List and Details Screen templates work with collections of entities returned from a query that you can define. You will see that a relationship has been created.

The home screen

Custom Control A control extension consists of one or more Silverlight controls, which can bind to a single scalar value or a collection of data. Create a Query Another feature we are required to implement is to show the number of orders for the current user. Adding images to buttons on screens is as easy as setting them in the Properties window. Because these reports are used often, it makes sense to have them hardcoded.

Create a Filter One feature we are required to implement is to only show a user their own orders and allow an administrator to see all orders. We will return to this screen later to add a delete button. The products will show in a list. LightSwitch already has built-in support for exporting data in grids to Excel. Audit trails are common in business applications and are used to track what changes were made and by whom to records in the system.

Once you install and enable the extension, create an Editable Grid Screen and add a button to the screen command bar. This is then passed to the query as a string.

It also allows users to manage photos taken for each project and to schedule appointments between employees and customers. The home screen displays a lot of static text and images. We need to check if the parameter is supplied and, if so, evaluate its value to determine if a filter should be applied.

When you run the sample application and open the Custom Report screen, the filter builder control will be displayed. Its entire development environment is streamlined to focus on building LightSwitch applications.

This sets up all the necessary projects for the extension. However, when you want to display an image or static text on the screen directly, you need to do a couple of things. The next level of customization is authoring custom controls and custom data sources and using them directly in your LightSwitch project. Other features of the application include e-mail integration on the server to send appointments to customers and employees, audit trails, reports with aggregate queries, and a custom query builder. Wrapping Up LightSwitch dramatically simplifies the development of data-centric business applications because it takes care of all the plumbing for you.

You can use any tool you like to set the colors and styles for every item that LightSwitch displays in its shell. The Contoso Construction sample application uses static images in a variety of screens, so I created a helper class called MyImageHelper that can be used from anywhere in the client code.

It also allows users to manageWe need to check if

The first thing we need to do is turn on security. You can then tweak the sizing properties in the Properties window to specify the exact size. You can also host LightSwitch applications in a variety of ways, including with Azure. For instance, Phone Number and Email Address are built-in business types in LightSwitch and can be configured declaratively via the properties window.

The application tracks customers and their construction projects as well as materials used on the projects. The Add New Screen box will show. This allows a custom screen to specify a layout for the controls contained within the screen. This allows you to make layout changes and see the updates in real time.