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Meeting the friends The next time you go out, he brings a couple of his guy friends along. Going out to become aware of a new person's existence This time, you go to the bar just beside the one where you met your newfound ex Insta-love. He'll sit next to you, ask you if you want a drink and will probably try to get you drunk enough to enhance his looks in your drunk-goggles.

You go, sit at the bar instead of on a table, and wait. Utilizing your random friend who knows them You're not that close with the one friend who went to university with the bedroom-eyed bar guy, but today, you are. His WhatsApp name only has his first name and the first initial of his last, so you go to Facebook to figure out the rest. Mysterious asks you out on a date.

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Dating A few days later, Mr. When you're single in Beirut, you're constantly aware of just how single you are. Here are the stages of a Lebanese romance, archive guardian online dating as based on science. Drinking Back to the bottle to fill the void. More research Now it's time for the serious research.

Wedding bells ring in the distance. He got too drunk at the beach in the comfort of his brother's presence and was really rude to the waiters and mentioned some questionable opinions he has about women. So the next week is all positive. Suddenly, without warning, your eyes lock with someone across the bar - which, at this point, means you're basically engaged.

By Tanya Maalouf This bussiness has closed. He takes this opportunity as his only chance. Breakup The Insta-love was short lived. You sit at a table in plain sight of the whole place with the same girlfriends, and wait for the next hazy-eyed glance.

He asks for your number and you give it to him. Becoming aware of their existence You're sitting at a bar with your friends, feeling as lonely as Melania Trump.

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You start messaging your friends asking if anyone knows the mysterious person you locked eyes with at the bar. But you overlook it because you finally have a chance of being with someone and that's more important than a healthy interpersonal relationship, right? You check his WhatsApp picture to make sure it's not a gym selfie. Then, once you get a glimmer of hope in the form of a hazy glance from across the bar in Mar Mikhael, your worldview instantly fills with detrimental potential.

But somehow, with the desperate-colored glasses on, it's fine. You justify it by saying that he was drunk and whoever said that drunken words were sober thoughts was drunk too, probably. The picture is nowhere to be found. You nibble on your small dish and drink your first-date anxieties away.