Ninoy Aquino International Airport bullet planting scandal

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The collected information is used to make unauthorised purchases. In this case, it would be best to read up on recommendations or articles about them, or referrals. If the appears to jack up after a few seconds, alert the armory, something may be wrong. Duterte said the operation had been going on for more than two years.

They may be felonious butBullets were also found in the

Bullets were also found in the luggage of a year-old passenger flying from the Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao City. Other drivers may deliberately not turn on the taxi meter so passengers are forced to pay a fixed amount for the ride.

They may be felonious but these delinquents are rather inventive in their dirty schemes. Better to pay a transaction fee than be scammed. White said his son was already feeling ill due to the stress he was facing from repeatedly having to attend court hearings.

Check the meter every once in a while. Never leave the counter without counting your money. Ubarde said it was impossible for a bullet to be in his bag since he knew it was against the law to carry one. Never let you card out of your sight. Ortinez, a longtime migrant worker, denied that the bullet was hers, saying she would never bring it with her as she was well aware of Hong Kong's security laws.

Make sure you go out with a trustworthy group. Fontamillas, however, denied that she owned the bullet. Transport Security Risk Management Bureau assistant administrative director Roberto Almadin confirmed the existence of the memo, but he said only two to three people have been given rewards.

Robberies and attacks can happen inside and outside the cab. Tellers in some money changers will count the money in front of you and with a sleight-of-hand trick, steal a few bills. She was forced to rebook her flight to join her choir at the competition.

The transportation department also said it will study the structure of aviation security, set up additional closed circuit television cameras, and change handling procedures. In recent weeks, several passengers have complained about airport personnel allegedly planting bullets inside their luggage in an attempt to frame them and extort money. According to the choir manager, the student was allowed to go free after a smaller, unfired bullet was substituted for the one supposedly found in her bag.

Use money changers with clearly posted rates. Here are a few travel scams to be wary of. Do not give private information even something as seemingly simple as your birth date to anyone who does not seem authorised to request for it.

Other drivers may deliberately not turn

It then showed footage of bags being wrapped in plastic. Amid the mounting criticism over the incidents, airport authorities have vowed to investigate their security personnel.