Kwon young deuk is currently dating min jung kwon

Kwon young deuk is currently dating min jung kwon

Only six groups

Soon after, the second elimination round commenced. All three female groups are covered this week. The trainees are given a shortlist of songs. Being in the Debut team, the members are allowed to choose their preferred songs. The next day, all participants are to flirt with forty trailer wiring once again for a chance to level up or down.

For every contestant who

The episode also features Big Bang's Taeyang as a guest judge. Only six groups are covered this week. For every contestant who passes the audition, he or she would be riding the bus along with the other contestants. Yang announces whether each member passes or gets eliminated in the show.

The episode also features

Sponsored Links Male and female members from each team go against each other and the three best individuals for each team will receive, and points, respectively. They are to choose their members afterwards.

Participants start to pick their chosen songs one-by-one by ranking. Jang Seongkyu replaced Noh as the host for today.