Spoken Word Poet Jefferson Bethke and Fiancée Talk Faith and Marriage

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The past two years I went through two extremely painful breakups, but those relationships and the pain after, really prepared my heart to be married. This is where she teaches me so much.

One of my favorite things about Jeff, too is that he is so quick to talk things out and reconcile. Bethke says the minute he spoke to Fenton, he knew she was a keeper. We live in Maui, and we like to create things on the internet. He also really showed me that relationships are messy because we're messy people who live in a fallen world.

The Lord alone has brought me to this place. The Scriptures say we love because He first loved us. But the Lord always knows exactly what is best for us. Call it a first date if you will.

It also supports new formats which recently Youtube rolled out. Sometimes that is the case for people.

We've known each other for three years, and through that time I've seen Jeff go through hard times, but in those times, he's run to the Lord, not away from Him. But also, it's only through Him that we are strong. They have been amazing in giving us counsel, and being prayer warriors for us. He is faithful and full of integrity. Also, I think our personalities compliment very well.

You'll get to know us pretty quickly. He gives me wisdom on how to respond, how to love and support and how to understand Jeff. And the Lord helps us to humble ourselves to serve the other, to give ourselves to them, and to deny ourselves. The couple is seen in this undated file photo.

The Lord brought me

The Lord brought me to a place that I could truthfully say that I was satisfied with Him alone, whether or not He blessed a husband into my life. No, that would be a works-based mentality. He was so humble and so gracious.

Make Love Last with Jefferson Bethke

But it's how you deal with the conflict. Below is an interview conducted via email with Bethke and Fenton.

The Lord taught me so much through dating, but even more through the pain of heartbreak. There was about a month where I cried every time I thought of the grace Jeff showed me. Also, when we were broken up for a year, Jeff never stopped loving me. Also, people build relationships based on commonality, and there can't be a deeper commonality than the fact we both passionately love Jesus and build our whole lives around that.

Sometimes that is the case for

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It also supports new formats which