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Having renounced the ways of the Force, Katarn was powerless against Desann, who threw him around and choked him with the Force. As in the films, lightsabers can be used to deflect shots from blasters.

He also encountered and defeated some Shadowtroopers Reborn in cortosis armor. He or she can choose the player model with access to nearly every character in the game, as well as some characters from the films not seen in the single-player mode and lightsaber color. The server can also choose to disable normal weapons so as to create lightsaber-only matches. Verband der Unterhaltungssoftware Deutschland.

Star Wars Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast

Kyle then sneaks across the Cairn base and finds out it is also a large assault ship construction facility, which is preparing for a full-scale planetary assault. He's not been heard from since. You can submit new cheats for this game and help our users gain an edge.

In exchange for her life, Tavion lets Kyle use her ship to travel to the Star Destroyer. The player can choose whether to use first or third-person perspective for each weapon, including the lightsaber. There are also numerous powers unique to both Light and Dark sides.

From Luke, Kyle learns that Desann has found the Valley of the Jedi, and used its energy to empower an army of Reborn which could number in the thousands. Be careful, she's much more powerful here than on Bespin. Kyle Katarn Movie Battles. After battling several Reborn together, they part ways.

Desann taunted him before ordering Tavion to execute Ors. It is requested that this article section be expanded. This mod replaces rebels with clone troopers, soldiers of the galactic republic Credits To Nimbles Deamos for his clone skin. Skywalker realized that Katarn had been to the Valley and cautioned him on the recklessness of his actions. The game was generally well received and is praised for its advanced lightsaber dueling.

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Reviewer Scott Steinberg was critical of the game's slow start and the nature of some of the puzzles. That's where Galak's ship The Doomgiver is docked. Gifting on Steam The Steam Community.

They fight their way through the base, discovering a research center studying crystals similar to those used to power lightsabers. Kyle soon finds the academy overrun with Imperial forces, but with the help of the New Republic troops, he fends them off. Unlike previous games, however, Kyle does not exclusively select Light or Dark powers in the single-player, instead receiving a selection of both.

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Katarn passed the trials easily. As Kyle Katarn, agent of the New Republic, use your Lightsaber and the full power of the Force to combat a new evil plaguing the galaxy. Their goal was to trap Desann in the middle levels before he could escape.

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System Requirements

Now if you use the Force on enemies, you will have full control over them. She never used to send pros like us out on blue milk runs like this. Those crystals you're holding are very much like those found in a Jedi's lightsaber.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors are preparing to begin their mission on Kejim. Combat is standard for the shooter genre, offering players an array of energy and projectile weapons, plus a variety of explosives. Many spin off games have resulted but few have captured the nature of the force and all awesome things associated such as wielding a light saber as well as this game.

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The polygon capacity of the engine had also been doubled. Cheats are now enabled in your single player game. We suggest you try the mod list with no filter applied, to browse all available.

He tracked down and confronted Tavion, who told him that Ors's death was part of their plan to trick him into revealing the location of the Valley of the Jedi. Jedi Outcast places a strong emphasis on lightsaber combat. Jedi Outcast features a set of multiplayer modes. Jedi Outcast allows the player to wield a variety of firearms from the Star Wars franchise, as well as lightsabers and Force powers. Read more about it in the blog post.

SourceForge later explained to media outlet Kotaku that Raven Software had requested its removal. Real-world articles Articles to be expanded Pages with missing permanent archival links computer and video games First-person shooters Jedi Knight games. Mon Mothma must be getting paranoid.

Over the course of the game, Kyle is joined by various other characters. It was released during the holiday season. In any area you enter your name in the game. To enable the secret sounds, join a multiplayer game, and bring up the console.

Upon learning of Desann's defeat, the remaining Remnant forces, Reborn and Shadowtroopers surrendered to the Jedi and New Republic, thus ending the conflict. He finds Jan in the detention block, tired of being sorry mp3 song but then learns that Desann was not specifically interested in the Valley of the Jedi - instead his goal all along was to invade the Jedi Academy.

To use a cheat, just bring up the console, and enter it. This code could cause your game to crash back to the desktop.

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Katarn ultimately defeated and slew Desann. Along with Ors, Katarn narrowly escaped the destruction of the Doomgiver in an escape pod. This mod makes everyone die a lot easier than normal.

Despite the timely appearance of Rogue Squadron, enough Remnant forces survived to mount a large-scale invasion of the moon. Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association. There, he learns of Desann's origins from Luke Skywalker. Players then customize their powers for the match. However, the source code for both games disappeared from SourceForge without an explanation.

Force powers such as Push, Jump, and Lightning are available in both single-player and multiplayer modes, but more powers can be used in the latter. As the game progresses the number of powers available, and their strength, increase. Simple mod that fixes the stretching of the crosshair when playing in widescreen. However, when they arrive, they find the base crawling with Imperial forces.