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Deutsches Institut fur Normung E. Trans Tech Publications Inc. Addison-Wesley Publishing Co. Base metal grouping system. These standards can be very useful in determining the relevant group and therefore the range of qualification.

This typically covers materials within the same group and any lower sub-group. The use of unlisted base metal is restricted to approval. Codes and Standards Training, Inc. The standard covers steels, aluminium alloys, copper alloys, nickel alloys, titanium alloys, zirconium alloys and cast irons.

For example, S steels can come under several different standards. This can result in uncertainty in determining the exact grouping or sub-grouping of the alloy, and may require additional information to be considered beyond the composition or tensile properties. Telecommunications Industry Association. This also appliesto supplied in differentdelivery conditions e. Information on the scope of approvalcertificates issued for certified materials.

ISO/TR - Welding - Guidelines for a metallic materials grouping system

American Petroleum Institute. Codes and standards may directly spell out a particular system for material grouping or reference other codes and standards. When welding procedures or welding performances welders are qualified, test pieces are prepared using a specific combination of parent material and consumables. Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, Inc.

Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc. Popular in Ferrous Alloys. The approval certificate also appliesto the welding of load-bearing butt welded joints in reinforcing steel. This standard breaks up the possible materials that can be welded into a set of groups, to allow multiple different grades to be qualified by a single test weld. The majority of the groupings are relatively easy to understand, with composition ranges provided for the relevant alloys.


American Industrial Hygiene Assn. As the skills of the welder are not tested, the range of qualification ensue from the relevant welding procedure qualification such as one in the next section. However, three standards exist that may be useful for determining the grouping for a material of interest. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Print. Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.

If a material falls within two sub- groups, it is always considered to belong to the lower-numbered one. Popular Standards Bundles. Welding - Guidelines for a metallic materials grouping system.

Synapse Information Resources, Inc. Association Connecting Electronics Industries. Technology International, Inc. Go to Technical knowledge Search.

PD CEN ISO/TR 15608 2017

International Organization for Standardization. Currency display settings. Construction Specifications Institute, Inc.

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World Scientific Publishing Co. It can also be applied for other purposes, such as heat treatment, forming and non-destructive testing. International Electrotechnical Commission.


Prices subject to change without notice. Telecommunications Standards. This document provides guidelines for a uniform system for grouping materials for welding purposes. American Welding Society, Inc. British Standards Institution.

1. Certified materialsgroup and additi

Manage society memberships. Approval applies only to the tested material listed under Scope of approvalcertificate or for the specified hardness. In addition to the steels listed, all steels in the same materials group are also considered to be coveredby the approval certificate.

Detail Summary View all details. This grouping is based on comparable characteristics of the material such as weldability, mechanical properties and composition. The groupings are based on the intentional alloying components, not taking account of impurities. Dunedin Academic Press Ltd.

Standards Australia International, Ltd. Aerospace Industries Association.

View Full Details and Buy. In some cases, such as when toughness properties are required or for hyperbaric welding, cool math games only consumables of the same make are qualified. There are certain subtleties in some of the parts of the standard.

Introduction When welding procedures or welding performances welders are qualified, test pieces are prepared using a specific combination of parent material and consumables.