The Millionaire Matchmaker

Irv richards dating millionaire matchmaker

Patti loves setting up professional athletes and Mitch is perfect, he's hunky, sweet and ready for marriage. Denise also sat with me and gave me questions to ask the candidates, so that she could review, so that she could choose who the candidates were for her father. Kris, Kim and I could sit down and pick a real good woman for Rob. Patti suspects Allison loves to compete, but doesn't need her man also looking for the spotlight. And when it got to my abandonment issue, we bring in a medium.

We could so do this as a team. Read Patti's full transcript after the jump. Patti takes this wounded bird under her wing and shows her that she doesn't have to look for the strong business type to find an attractive man with heart. Denise liked some other candidates, but Irv overrides his daughter, which I loved. But after meeting Adam, Patti diagnoses him right away - he's all about the jokes and uses laughs to deflect seriousness and intimacy.

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He's stunningly handsome, he dresses amazing. The Bachelor was written for the money. We went drama-driven this season. We have a dark road to go down.

We have John Salley coming

These people are real, we could not script this if we tried. Damian loves the party, but he's going to have to slow down if he wants long-term love. Patti realizes Aimee's problems stem from control issues. First up is Jim Schramm, a year-old entrepreneur from Beverly Hills who's newly divorced and tends to show off his money. We bring in everyone to help me.

Also, Kirstie Alley tweeted out to me that she wanted to come on, and I'm praying that we get her. He knows how to break a nice girl of that habit, and it was fantastic.

We have John Salley coming on for Mitch Berger, who is stunningly handsome. We see more of your personal life this season. Chris, who's just about ready to get back into the dating pool. So we threw Denise into the mix, and let Denise coach her father on who to pick. She's been hurt by love in the past and is done with dating professional athletes like herself.