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Bo looks to his favorite teacher Mr. He is controlling and authoritarian, and Bo comes into frequent conflict with him. It was nice to see a bit of a romance between Bo and Shelly. It was also great to see the members of the group working together to support Bo. Bo learns that sometimes you find friends when you least expect it in the most bizarre circumstances.

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Bo did and surprisingly really enjoyed it and met a girl who would become his girlfriend who he truly loved. Explain the letters to Larry King. He plots against Bo to try to make sure he loses the Yukon Jack. For example, say your mom grounds you to teach you a lesson about respect. Her past is as fraught with conflict and tragedy as the other members of Anger Management, but unlike them she is there by choice, because she wants to avoid repeating the past.

He still beat Bo by a lot, but luckily Bo did win because he beat the other two members in the running and swimming sections. Shelly is Bo's girlfriend and another member of the Anger Management group. Bo can get suspended indefinitely or attend an anger management group led by the very eccentric Mr. If you force people to be together, they will eventually find something they all have in common or something they all can agree on. All he would get was food and a place to sleep.

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She is an athlete like Bo, training to be an American Gladiator, and she encourages Bo to train for his triathlon and to stand up to Ian Wyrack. Luckily, the biker was a nice guy and didn't want to cheat like that so he let Bo use it for the race. His girlfriend made a bet with a swimmer who hated Bo, saying Bo would beat him and two of his friends as a team in the race. There is a true camaraderie amongst those students and teens who have issues with controlling their anger may see themselves in on of the characters in the book.

He is a master of the problem novel. Anyone who has a difficult relationship with a parent will find much to think about in Beau's story. Unless, he attends anger management classes. However, once I read this book, I was hooked. He uses his anger to push himself to the physical limits of sports.

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Let us write you a custom essay sample on Ironman by Chris Crutcher. He even made Bo watch their family open Christmas presents, when he didn't get a single present. Crutcher is another author that tends to creature really great secondary characters. Being a consummate couch potato, hiv positive dating single ladies the sports that permeate Crutcher's novels was initially a turn-off. Crutcher includes them for a chance for the characters to overcome their obstacles in order to succeed.

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Ironman by Chris Crutcher

Use examples of current celebrities in place of Larry King to make it more current. Overall, it was a fun exciting book to read.

Ironman Quotes by Chris Crutcher

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Crutcher does a wonderful job of mixing the sports world with the issues from the outside world such as dating, parents, bullying, etc. Bo attempts to deal with his feelings by training to become a triathlete. Bo is humorous with his father and has been forced to join anger management. Wyrack resents the fact that Bo is faster than he, and later bets Bo's girlfriend dollars that his relay team can beat Bo in the Yukon Jack triathlon.

Bo chooses to go to the anger management group. Redmond got him suspended and said he could not come back unless he entered in the Anger Management class. My dad leaves bruises on the inside. He was very stubborn but also nice.

Ian Wyrack is a college student who trains under Mr. Bo called him an asshole, so Mr.

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