Internship in Bangalore – Management Trainee – Rappo

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It was his determination and faith in the existence of better aura for everyone, that each face is smiling now. Trust me, Certificates are available everywhere.

The profile I was looking for was different from what I was getting from the companies. So I started looking at job portals, internship portals, directly mailing to the companies believe me they will not reply. That too happened with me. Read his story to know more.

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Like everyone else I started losing faith in getting internship from portals or direct contacts. At last the whole program of internship ended with graduation ceremony and prize distributions and all fun. This is the sentence that I hate the most. The amazing thing was that they replied and this time with the offer. All these weeks we all interns had memorable times with the employees of Akshaya patra and co-interns.

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Internship in Bangalore - Management Trainee - Rappo

He first row, left most stepped forward for the social cause and learned a lot during his internship. That day I realized that they never treated me like an intern.

As soon as I finished my term, I joined there. During last week, group wise we all interns had a technical project on different topics. After a week I realized that I am working on everything and work pressure was intensive.

All the Head of Departments addressed us about their work, different aspects of functionality and their vision. However, the mentors were pretty cool and helped me a lot actually in everything.