Immediacy in superior-subordinate relationships dating

Immediacy in superior-subordinate relationships dating

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When the term internal communication is used it implies all the directions of communication. In Romania the survey was carried out by Firescu to determine the elements of employee work satisfaction. Sollund carried out her research on mechanistic and organic forms of organizations and their influence on job satisfaction and commitment. It is undoubtedly interesting for a communication scholar to research the relations between internal communication and other variables that influence the bottom line. Upward communication is usually for the purpose of giving feedback and keeping management informed.

Since the s the question whether a well-informed employee is a satisfied employee seems to have been answered. Participatory management practices balance the involvement of managers and their subordinates in information-processing, decision-making, or problem- solving. This relation is seen as a by-product of examining other issues connected either with supervisor-subordinate communication or employee job satisfaction. The authors examined the use of various media with different richness lean, medium and rich. Companies are in business for profit.

This kind of relation seems to be most obvious and was subject to scientific research the earliest. As stated above, the direct relation between the supervisor-subordinate communication and employee job satisfaction has been proved by many studies since the s. Information function of communication enables both superiors and subordinates to make decisions and perform their work well. For example, the suggestion that companies train supervisors to be better communicators may not necessarily cause employees to experience greater satisfaction.

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Introduction If we want something to happen in an organization, we must communicate. Communication scholars have moved their interest from the transmission to the reception focus, and the message received is the only one that counts.

Since the notion of internal communication is a wide subject, the study on superior-subordinate communication covers a wide range of issues. When organizations experience a failure of communication, the fault frequently lies with the assumption that mere transmission is equal to communication. Application, assessment, causes, and consequenc- es, Sage, London.

Within this group, some researchers examine internal communication as a general process happening in a company. Some researchers focus their interest on managerial communications only, that is, on the skills and behaviour of the supervisors.

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Downward communication is used to coordinate efforts and activities, to instruct, to direct, or to explain company decisions. The final section of the article presents the implications of the findings and suggests further study in the field. Undoubtedly, it would be interesting to check the application of the theory in the organizational environment in Poland. This is the manager and his communication skills that have a direct influence on employee job satisfaction. Thus, communication between superiors and subordinates and the expression of job satisfaction by the latter is interrelated.

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As the work group for many employees is a major place for social interaction communication provides release for the emotional expression of feelings such as frustration or satisfaction. Communication scholars have determined the communication styles, channels, media and skills which should be used in successful running of a business. The respondents replied to a series of questions regarding the elements of job satisfaction. The contemporary research elaborates finer elements of that relation.