How to not be clingy when dating an athlete

How to not be clingy when dating an athlete

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In addition, take up some daily form of exercise to clear your mind. If you notice that your heart is racing or that you're feeling like you can't sit still until you talk to bae, you need to learn how to calm yourself down. Later you can examine your writing and reassess your feelings. An innocent like shouldn't drive you crazy.

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Once your fears are out in the open, you can begin to re-frame them to fit a broader perspective. Skip this Ad Next Don't Lose Sight Of Your Friends Often when people are in relationships, they tend to slowly isolate themselves from their friends, which results in broken friendships. If you feel like bae doesn't make much time to see you, or he doesn't stay on your phone call long, let him know this behavior is bothering you.

Perhaps his phone died, or he has it turned off at the moment. Take It Easy Practice the art of self-soothing with relaxation techniques, suggests Banschick. Reframe Fears Rather than trying to cover your behavior with excuses, be honest with yourself. This keeps you feeling independent and happy on your own - meaning you won't feel like you need your S. Thinking the worst case scenario that bae is doing something else, like calling his ex instead of you, is just going to make you paranoid.

However, you can reestablish your sense of self and tone down your clingy habits. Do something that will relax you and calm your nerves. For example, try a yoga class or begin a jogging routine. In either case, a change needs to be made before your behavior puts damaging stress on your relationship.

For example, go bowling with friends or start working on that painting you never finished. It's easy to get into a stalking spiral, but this will only cause you to create something out of nothing. For example, you might be afraid that your partner's lack of texting stems from his preoccupation with another woman. Maybe it's writing a ranting letter that you'll never send.

Scrolling back to six months ago when a girl liked his changed profile picture is just going to drive you crazy. Whenever you feel the obsessive need to ask your partner for assurance, take a few deep breaths from your diaphragm. When you're not with bae, don't picture all of these crazy scenarios he could be doing instead of spending time with you. Admit your fears, suggests Kapteyn.

Trust can take a while, but if you feel like it's not possible, you have to reevaluate the relationship. Things get in the way of life sometimes, so try not to freak if routine with bae is mixed up one day. Always try to make time to grab dinner with your friend group, or grab coffee with your bestie. We all have our embarrassing moments where we act overly paranoid when our S.

You should feel your mind start to calm, and your fears diminish. Practice some yoga or hit the gym to break a good sweat. Consider that there are many potential reasons your partner hasn't texted you yet.

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