Futurama simpsons crossover episode latino dating

Futurama simpsons crossover episode latino dating

Homer drags the robot to the basement, but also pours him one more can of Duff. The comic also takes the idea that the title has been running since the s and each issue of the real series is a random issue from that run.

Homer drags the robotThe comic also takes

Bender admits that he does not recall why he was sent to the present, so Frink unplugs and replugs Bender's mission protocol, causing Bender to reveal his mission is to terminate Homer Simpson. Reconstruction begins in New New York and Fry and Homer successfully reactivate the portal, which sucks the Simpsons back to their present-day home.

The Professor then proposes they shoot

The Simpsons all hang out at the Planet Express headquarters, having failed to figure out a way to stop the creatures. Fry also encourages Bender to kill Homer. The stories are written and illustrated by some of the most famous people in the comic book business. It begins to rain outside during this.

The episode ends with a Simpsonized-version of the Futurama opening sequence. Even Zoidberg speaks his only line. This mainly reprints the stories from the U.

The Professor then proposes they shoot all the creatures into space. Later that night, the Simpsons hear a strange noise outside.

When the professor, Frink, and Lisa get to the house, the professor reveals that the D. In the comic book, Claude's survival is due in part to a large thunderbolt-shaped shard of metal embedded in his head by the explosion. He reveals that Bender, however, came here through a time machine. It was the most-watched show on Fox that night, beating Family Guy. The stories usually parody modern horror stories and films, and feature distorted versions of the people of Springfield.