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Pin your piece of fabric onto the covered table making sure the fabric is ironed and pinned flat. In fact, her passion for block printing has taken her to different parts of India especially in states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh. Clean the blocks by rinsing them in warm water and scrubbing with a bristle brush or toothbrush. Make sure each layer is tightly stretched over the table. Fixing the print will depend on the manufacturer.

Then, they can print on any small item they have brought along, most of the time it is a t-shirt, jhola-bag, or cushions.

This construction allows for an even, firm printing surface that you can tightly pin your fabric to. For synthetic dyes you can use any fabrics. Shyamala also attended a block-printing workshop conducted by none other than Panna Dossa and she instantly fell in love with the craft. Press the block firmly into the sponge as many times as needed to ensure the colour covers the block completely. Then she accepts only one person at a time, who can print a dupatta, a sari, whatever you want.

This is followed by a demo, after which the students try their hand at block printing. Press the block firmly onto the fabric with even pressure.

You will need a table to to pin your fabric to for printing. Then to kick start her craft, Shyamala needed a printing table, colours and blocks.

Block Printing On Fabric In Bangalore

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She recalls that during her trip in Bagru, she stayed with a family and was able to document the dyeing and printing process in detail. My next How-To Guide will be on mixing natural dyes and then using them to resist-dye and block-print onto fabrics. You could also paint the dye over the sponge with a brush to ensure it is completely covered and soaks into the sponge.

For natural dyes, iron on the reverse, and then rinse in alternating temperatures of water with detergent. All of them enjoy the hands-on part the most. For her block-printing is an essential part of our culture and customs. Continue to print in a variety of colours, compositions and repeats letting your creativity run away with you.

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For many, this is a revelation, they see how much effort goes into the making one-off print, and they look upon the unknown artist and his technique with a new found respect. Write to us with a short bio and profile about yourself and your work to tanya tanyamunshi. Squeeze out a blob of fabric paint or dye into a tray and dab the sponge into it ensuring the dye covers the sponge. Now, of course, with connectivity, and the global village syndrome, times have changed forever.