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The legislation makes it possible but it is not mandatory, it is there in case it is necessary. Clint Odor Clayton's bro is somewhere in Afghanistan, si lo ves me lo saludas. Did you ever have problems on your skin after the horrible sun burn you got in Acapulco? Didn't know you were so close to the same bad weather pattern this time of year. Alex, my family definately comes ahead of my religion, but not ahead of God.

Alex, John, I have wrestled with the question you guys are asking all along. Tell Barret the Eagles should have a let down so don't expect a quick return to a Super Bowl. These cooked plants are pressed for the juice and this juice is then place in fermentation vats and Levadura? On second thought, I heard there plenty so pretty huge blast going on there.

It would be very good to see you next year at the reunion. It might be a real blow-out! So I guess we need to get the planning for this reunion under way or it's not going to happen.

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My suggestion is to set up a committee. As much as I love this country, I would have a hard time leaving the family.

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Un curadito de tamarindo por favor! By the way I am not offering to head this up I am only offering to be on the committee.

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Quien sabe como se fermenta el pulque? This being said I wish you all the luck in the world. Anyway, I just wanted to correct that, I want to be a reliable source. If I find my balls, I will join you in your efforts. That Acapulco trip will always be a classic.

You will have many prayers and thoughts from your friends, even old ones. Hey, I still need to look into your request for used bourbon or whiskey oak barrels for tequila aging. If I recall correctly, I wasn't the only one with a skin-shredding tan from the beach because of premature mental fermentation that day, perhaps mine was one of the worst. Dude, wow, transcona winnipeg boundaries in dating you really gone to do this eh?