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After the ceremony, Kelly called Blair in the middle of their honeymoon. Cole just happened to be next to him. As they struggled for the weapon, Eli attempted to distract Blair by kissing her. Eli agreed not to say anything to Tea, who believed only Blair knew about her death sentence.

Eli knew that Greg was lying, tried to kill him, and escaped to Llanview. After Tea told him that he was not Danielle's father, Ross had a breakdown and took Danielle and Blair hostage. Blair decided that she and Eli could console each other and threw herself at him, and the two began a friends with benefits relationship.

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Eli was furious about that, stating that he worked too hard for Ross to get Dani back, and he just blew it. Ross was wondering why Dani's disappearance was a big issue to Eli.

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While en route to London, Tea confessed that Todd was really Danielle's father. Ross tracked them down as well. Ross called upon Eli to help bail him out of jail, and Eli nearly stole the briefcase that was in police evidence before reconsidering. Greg falsely diagnosed Eli with a hematoma and suggested he go into surgery to fix it, but that was an excuse for Greg to get Eli on the operating table and kill him.

Eli was arrested and put into police custody. Todd arrived and shot Eli, but he escaped. Eli told Tea what had happened, and they both boarded a plane for London. When Todd proposed to her, Tea begged Ross to grant her a divorce. Ross found Eli in the docks to tell him that he got custody of Dani, but she ran away.

It was revealed that Blair shot Eli, who collapsed to the ground. After a day in court, Tea fainted and Eli took her to the hospital, where she agreed to get checked out.

Eli expressed jealousy over Blair's relationship with Todd, but Blair assured him that she was over Todd permanently. John rescued Blair, but was unable to do the same for Eli, as the fire was raging and the house was on the verge of collapsing. Blair accepted at first, but played him at the last minute. Eli told Tea that he was aware of certain things about her that could potentially destroy her relationship with Todd Manning. Eli taunted Cole, who snapped, shot, and killed Eli.

Blair later confessed that Eli was aware of Tea's illness and he told Tea he would do anything to help her through her ordeal. The two slowly began moving toward an exclusive relationship, and Blair even opened up to him about the death of her son, Brenden, after she got into a car accident with her cousin, Kelly Cramer. Suddenly, a shot was fired. The normally unshakable Tea was disturbed by the threat, and agreed to keep quiet.

Later, Eli grabbed a file Blair had been looking at and read it, discovering that Tea had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Just as Blair was about to let her guard down, Eli tried to take the gun away from her.

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Ross called upon Eli toRoss tracked them down as