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It seems that Max has no memory of the event either. Max shoots his weapon, though he dodges the blast. Max sees Diamondhead, who tells him that she is Gwen before continuing to fight the drone. Jimmy finds that Gwen, Kevin, and Ben are clones made by the plant. They finish them off, but as they're ready to leave, Ben asks where the watch went.

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Ben, Gwen, and Kevin go out into the wilderness for a camping trip. Ben tries to get them to believe his story, yet Gwen gives a good point why they should after telling them he saw Bigfoot at a family picnic. Moments later, they spot Aggregor approaching the planet.

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Ben and Diamondhead arrive and the drone senses the Omnitrix on Diamondhead and it attacks her. He finds a swimming object, which happens to be Ultimate Aggregor, who seems to defeat Magister Pyke. Ship suddenly hears Baz-El's cries for help, and leaves Julie to help his old owner.

Ben and Gwen pursue them, thinking Jennifer has been held against her will. Viktor is under his control. While Max and Vilgax fight each other, Ben comes up to Gwen to help her out. Vilgax gets Diagon's heart and ends up being sucked into Diagon's own parallel dimension. Only one flag request every ten seconds is allowed.

Jimmy Jones sees a meteor falling in a cave, where an alien plant attacks him. Argit explains that he needs their help in order to hide from Ultimate Kevin.

It seems that Max has no memory of a watch. The four of them arrive at Alien X's home planet, where they battle Ultimate Aggregor and after Kevin gone insane in absorbing Ben's powers he defeated and absorbed Ultimate Aggregor. The pod then opens to reveal a beautiful, dark green-eyed, blonde-haired girl.


It transforms into a giant robot drone and it seems to be looking for the Omnitrix. Here's what you're missing out on! As Ben helps Max out to put up the tent, Ben notices the shooting star that holds the Omnitrix. The next day, Jimmy sees Ben going into the cave and talking to the plant. Heatblast then asks if she can transform into any other alien, but Ben seems to have something in mind.

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Psyphon proceeds to transfer Diagon's power to Vilgax, making the galactic conqueror into a nearly-unstoppable force. The Forever Knights battle Diagon's Esoteric minions and Ben's plan to help the knights fails as they are, too, intent on fighting him to listen to reason. Don't worry, she's got it, Grandpa. Vilgax then slices the weapon in half. Ben defeats Gwen and then battle the Forever Knights and Vulkanus to ask where are Kevin's whereabouts but neither of them gave Ben any answers.

The producer has all of Ben's aliens scanned, in order to have the robot learn their moves. With the help of Hex, Gwen and the gang set out to rescue Charmcaster from her home world of Ledgerdomain. Albedo profits from Ben's fame and creates a play about him with the help of three alien actors based on the aliens in Ben's Ultimatrix. Jimmy takes his bicycle and runs, but Ben becomes Cannonbolt and hunts him down.

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Gwen tells her mother that Sunny is an Anodite, much to her surprise and disgust. Max thinks that Gwen as Diammondhead is doing pretty good in combat and she's a quick thinker. Baz-El is on a distant planet where he is stealing some valuable gems from some temple statues. We're always working towards adding more features that will keep your love for porno alive and well.


Julie ask Ben for help to locate Ship, new movie video songs who left to help Baz-El. Upgrade then merges with the Rustbucket.

When they go to Gwen's room, they find a dark-hair girl, who is Sunny, Gwen's naughty cousin. Gwen must juggle things around, in which she has to help Ben and Kevin recapture Dr. With Jimmy's help, Ben and company discover a series of alien attacks in Florida. He gives Ben a new version of the Omnitrix.

She destroys the robots with ease and is very happy, but the team is looking at her strangely. Vilgax, now merged with a Lucubra and is much stronger than ever. The unknown alien steals a nuclear device from a prototype interstellar rocket.

The episode ends and the narrator says that some stories can be retold differently and you may never know how it'll turn out. He tells Ben and his team about it, but only Ben believes him. Ben asks how she did that, especially after how Ben as Heatblast took a while to learn such a technique. They go in the cave but the plant isn't there.