Backdating child support payments

Backdating child support payments

Certain conditions mustObjection When you advise us

Certain criteria must be met to qualify. Certain conditions must be met to qualify. Objection When you advise us in writing that you disagree with a decision or an assessment we've made.

Exemption review AEstimate of income

Estimate of income When you want to use the income you expect to earn for the current year in the formula assessment, rather than your income from a previous year. Exemption review A process where a receiving carer can ask for a liable parent's exemption to be looked at and possibly overturned. The first step of this process is an investigation by us into the parent's income, earning capacity, property and financial resources. Living allowance A set amount deducted from a parent's income for their own living costs to recognise that they need to financially support themselves.

Certain criteria mustThe first step of this processLiving allowance A set amount deducted