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Always check the literature which came with your pump for suggested wire size and allowable distance. Anyway there is no way to reach the bow eye and winch from the top of the bow on a even laying on your belly. To create this article, over volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. The second should be a much higher capacity gph pump. Mount the bilge pump securely in the bilge.

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This bow retainer set-up has to be a marriage saver! Total process takes maybe minutes. Installing a Bilge Pump By Don Casey Bilge pump installation is straightforward, but it is essential not to overlook key details.

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  1. Even when the boat power is off, the bilge pump should still be able to receive power.
  2. If your bilge pump has a separate float switch, you may want to wire it to a three way switch that allows you to select automatic, on, or off.
  3. After allowing the boat to settle and line up straight, the driver then applies more power until the snare component is engaged by the latch.
  4. Attach the safety chain and tow away onto the hard parking area.
  5. And a big pump requires a big hose.
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Otherwise join an in-line fuse holder to the battery end of the positive wire using a crimp butt connector. Had a couple of times when it did not. You must not place the pump in the bilge unrestrained. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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It was a and the latch still worked like new. Persons or Organizations who are found to be in breach of this patent will be prosecuted to the full extent of the International patent laws. Some switch panels see below include a fuse.

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Things You'll Need Brackets or bolts. You must slide the heat shrink over the wire and out of the way before you make the connections. Biting the bullet and convincing my other half of the huge benefits of avoiding domestics at the boat ramp I did the deed and placed an order. Any and all help is wecome. My wife does a great job loading the boat on the trailer.

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At my marina when no body is around, I like to sit by the ramp and watch the competitions between everybody to see how far they can shoot the water. After connecting with the trailer drive forward until a metre from the winch post and let the boat settle on the rollers, then gently power forward. Connect the pump to the discharge using a hose with a smooth interior.

Installing a Bilge Pump - BoatTECH - BoatUS

Install terminal fittings Do not strip the ends of the supply wires and loop them beneath the battery terminal wing nuts. Run the wires up and secure them so that they do not sag into the bilge water. It is essential to have a fuse in the positive wire as close to the battery as possible. When it's time to launch the boat, the trailer is reversed to the water's edge with the latch in the locked position.

The Admiral has learned after many tries on how to winch the boat to the trailer properly and does a great job at it. Loop supply wires under the battery's terminal wing nuts. The unit has an elongated catch ring.

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The only trick to it is after you power up the trailer and the latch trips you need to back the throttle down slowly. Worse case, change the winch for a power one with a remote so they aren't having to deal with the lever? Unrestrained bilge pumps can fall over, intake air and become damaged.

In my neck of the woods everyone drives their boat on all the way to the bow roller. This continues until the battery is depleted, then the water floods the boat until it reaches a level that gets the crew's attention. The installation of this pump, however, can be one of many costly additions to your boat.

Wiring up an Auto Bilge Pump in 10 Simple Steps

  • This cycle continues until the battery is exhausted.
  • Use a copper washer-not steel-between the wing nut and the ring terminal.
  • Lead wiring up It is essential to get the pump wiring out of the bilge as quickly as possible.
  • Electronics Equipment Maintenance Techniques.

Two pumps A bilge pump big enough to deal with a real emergency will do a poor job of keeping the bilge dry because the water in the discharge hose drains back into the bilge when the pump shuts off. It is essential to get the pump wiring out of the bilge as quickly as possible. The rig is then ready to be pulled completely out of the water.

It took some time but practice made her perfect at launching a loading. Should you then manually winch the boat onto the trailer, when you drive out and the transom settles the ring damages the hook. Did this article help you? Bilge pump installation is straightforward, but it is essential not to overlook key details. Still use the original bow eye but I can see why a bigger one would be better.

Use smooth-bore hose

Secure wiring so it does not sag or come in contact with the bilge water. The discharge fitting must never go below the waterline. Center the tubing over the butt connectors and apply adequate heat to shrink the tubing. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Cleaning Exterior Systems.

At this point the trailer winch cable hook can be disengaged and the latch lever moved to the release position. This is what caught my eye in the first place, gd dating bom as I have had experiences where the boat ramp was excessively steep and the hook on the catch is either above or below the ring and it will not catch. The tow vehicle then moves forward and the winch hook and safety chain can be connected. Do not strip the ends of the supply wires and loop them beneath the battery terminal wing nuts.

Have you guys had any experience with these latch systems or any other automatic catch latch system. This allows you the freedom to select off, on or automatic. This enables the latch to automatically release and the boat should glide off the trailer.

It should be mounted higher and be intended to deal with a more serious intake of water. Bends and long runs also reduce pump output, so make the hose run as straight and as short as possible. Waterproof these connections using heat shrink tubing. Boat Insurance Membership.

The through-hull fitting can further reduce pump capacity. Plus, in case of an emergency it is great to have someone that knows what they are doing and feel comfortable doing it. The first bilge pump should be a small gph pump. Steel washers are arguably more abundant, completely free dating but they should not be used.

If the fitting is through the transom, be sure it is high enough not to submerge when the stern squats. If you fail to do that the big jerk on the latch pin can cause it to bend. Retrieving is the reverse process. The driver powers the boat up and onto the trailer and rests about a metre from the latch. When you turn the power off to leave the boat unattended, you don't want to turn off the bilge pump.

Voltage Sensitive Relay

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