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This is my first ever review. However, if you want to watch a series that will make you think, or perhaps are looking for a hidden gem that will tug at your heart-strings, you should seriously consider picking this up. Haru brings her family and good friend Naruichi into the story, of which her sister Midori is the only to get a decent level of development.

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Throughout the show, you will need to re-watch certain parts to be able to understand what exactly the whole military-versus-religion thing is really about. Listen to or in most peoples case, read what she is saying and pay attention to what is being shown to you. You will find yourself pausing to admire the amazing detail this studio put into making this series a real winner.

But such is a story of love and war. You have to be able to think and decipher hidden messages in the plot to enjoy Xam'd to its full extent. The animation is on another level when compared to other series of the same genre.

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It is only then that the true power of this ending with touch your soul. It is not often that you can find a series as beautiful and moving as the tale of Xam'd, and the opportunity should not be passed up. As the series comes to its end, you may find yourself struggling to hold back a few tears.

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As beautiful as the story and characters are, it is the sound and animation that really bring this series to life. You will find a quick connection with Akiyuki, and share his tears, as well as smiles. The ending is beautiful, and I'll admit that even thinking about it clouds my eyes. She is a character completely shrouded in mystery, but one that will steal your heart regardless.

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The three main protagonists are quickly pinned as Akiyuki, Nakiami, and Haru. Xam'd is not a series that everyone will enjoy.

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The whole religion aspect of the story is an extremely weak point of the story, as it does not truly get proper development. While the action scenes that are included are displayed beautifully, this is not what I, or anyone else, should classify as any other action-adventure. On his journey from his home island of Sentan to the Northern continent, he has many struggles to deal with. If that is what you are looking for, Xam'd may not be the right fit.

My heart is throbbing but I will wait. If you wanted to, you could probably put these lyrics as the synopsis of the series and have it hold the same effect as the current. At first glance, it would appear to be another action series that people watch to see intense fight scenes and fast pacing.

Haru is a girl that has experienced great loss in her life, and with her sudden and even greater loss of Akiyuki, this character will tug at your heart-strings like few characters are able to. Nakiami brings an entire ship full of characters with her, of which, only three Raigyo, Ishu, and Yango get a true development to the point where the viewer will connect with them on a certain level. The story, while confusing, accurately depicts the fight between two warring factions who both believe are doing the right thing.

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It is tough not to grow to love her as the story progresses, and by the end, you will shed a tear or two if you have watched the series correctly. This heart of Akiyuki's will guide him on a quest across his world to discover why he was chosen to lead a new life as a Xam'd, but to find his passion for the ones he loves. Akiyuki brings his parents, who get a lot of screen time with most of the development coming with his father. He handles them quite well, from his love and want to be reunited with Haru, to understanding a war which he has been thrust into unwillingly.

The military comes in without a true explanation as well, but the viewer will quickly pin Toujirou and company as the main antagonists of the story. Nakiami, however, is a more difficult character to understand. With them, however, each protagonists brings in more characters that the viewer my find difficult connecting to. Akiyuki is without a doubt the main character of the show, chive dating delete account and a beautiful one at that.

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