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Some options include hardware that may require the unit to be returned to the factory for retrofitting, while other options can be retrofitted through software using a license file. This installer may not require internet access while running. Do a visual inspection of all connections on the site master, advanced systemcare 3.7 3 cal components and test port cable. The high accuracy sensor will add everything up that is in the path.

You should run into one that will not open and this plot is most likely corrupted. If disable is an option disable the wireless connection and try to download your traces to a database. The Code Loader can only be used to upgrade Site Master models that have the capability to upgrade the firmware through the serial port. What is the difference in accuracy when comparing the Instacal module with the precision calibration tee?

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Even it says disconnected you should disabled it. Set up your test in return loss mode and perform a calibration. Your data points needs to be changed to Data points.

Submit Technical Question. Description Features Description Features. What is the difference between the internal power meter and the high accuracy power meter on the Handheld products?

FlexCal is great for troubleshooting purposes. Mobile Wireless Communications. It describes the product and provides performance verification procedures, parts replacement procedures, and a replaceable parts list. Overview Library Overview. On track to a brighter future.

Carefully clean all connectors and then re-test. In general, it is recommended to use the InstaCal when you are looking for a fast way to make the cal. Corporate Information Message from the President.

Erase the plot and try your download again. Verify this fixed the issue. With the FlexCal, you can change the frequency range and you don't have to perform another calibration.

Microwave Technology Center. The difference in performance will be more prevalent the closer to the directivity you are. Home Test and Measurement Products. The internal power meter is using the Spectrum Analyzer receiver to measure the channel power over a certain bandwidth.

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Wireless devices such as Palm Pilots can cause this also so disable all wireless devices that you use. Optical Devices, Ultrafast Electron Devices. Download Center Search by product Model Number. Reboot the unit and verify the new option is enabled. Food and Pharmaceutical Equipment.

For detailed information on the firmware update process refer to the User Guide for your Anritsu handheld instrument. Anritsu Company Anritsu Infivis Inc. See the software tools pages for details.

Optical and High-Speed Devices. Site Master Quick Reference Cards. Left click on Wireless Network Connection to highlight it and then right click. Delete all that are not normal looking and try the download after the corrupt displays are deleted.

For supporting documentation, see Library. Shareholders and Investors. Charter of Corporate Behavior Code of Conduct.

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Site Master Cable and Antenna Analyzer

This is ideal if you will be doing the installation on a computer without internet access. Microwave Components and Device Characterization. Components and Accessories. This has been known to help in cases where everything is set up properly.

Try opening the plots one by one. If superior accuracy is of important, then the precision calibration tee is the best way to go. The main advantage of the internal power meter is that it allows you to make power measurements of specific channels and it can filter out anything outside the bandwidth you entered. Remote Spectrum Monitoring. The directivity is many times the largest contributor to measurement uncertainty and this difference between the two calibration techniques will affect the uncertainty.

Coverage and Interference Mapping. How can I tell if the problem is due to a bad coax or if the Site Master is faulty? Channel Partners Technical Partners. Instructor Led eLearning Training Cart.