More Wrong Jennifer Aniston Dating Rumors

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More Wrong Jennifer Aniston Dating Rumors

She is also not fond of Chinese, Indian or spicy foods. Was too high-maintenance and ambitious for her ex-fiance Tate Donovan. She presented the award for Best Animated Feature with Jack Black and as she made a joke about Jeffrey Katzenberg, the co-founder of animation company Dreamworks, and Angelina laughed. Credits yoga with helping her get over her heartache, following her split from actor Brad Pitt. Septoplasty is a surgical operation that helps alleviate a common condition that can lead to breathing difficulty and trouble sleeping.

Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow are completely obsessed with talk of babies, according to sources on the set of Friends. Her original family name is Anastassakis. Sherman Oaks, California, U.

Fell out with herSays she struggled

She spent the first year of her life living in Greece with her family, but later moved to New York, when her father landed a role on the daytime drama, Love of Life. Believes she is so good at helping people through their love woes, she could easily have made a career from it.

Fell out with her mum in the late s after Nancy revealed too many secrets about her daughter to the press, and then cashed in by writing a book about her famous daughter. After the divorce, she was raised in New York City by her mother. Says she struggled to keep quiet during the break-up of her marriage to Brad Pitt, because talking is her therapy. Jennifer was originally tested for the role of Monica, but she told the producers that she felt much more comfortable with the Rachel character and they agreed. Wanted popular comedy Friends to end because she was worried the show would lose its fans.

After the divorce

Has found an unlikely savior in the form of a paparazzo. Jennifer was cast in a Heineken commercial which was later banned due to branding issues. Says Angelina Jolie was uncool when she spilled details about her relationship with Brad Pitt while they were filming Mr.

Although she is half Greek, she does not like Greek food. That kind of pressure makes it hard to make a relationship last. Michael Baroni, her teenage sweetheart, scuttled plans to auction their romantic memorabilia on eBay after the actress asked him not to.