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While I don't necessarily think that Charlie knows or suspects that Dennis killed LeFevre, I do believe that the show is dropping a hint that points in Dennis's direction. This likely brought on some self-loathing, given that his mother is one of the few people that Dennis could be said to love, further contributing to his urge to become someone else.

He comes off as manic and overly cheerful, in a somewhat aggressive way. This means that Dennis was home while the murder was happening because he knew that Mac wasn't.

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For those without the time to waste reading this whole article, I'll sum things up here. And of all the maniacs that have stood behind the bar in Paddy's Pub, none are quite so frightening as the self-titled Golden God himself, Dennis Reynolds. Almost all serial killers start out fantasizing, and when that doesn't do it anymore, they graduate to the real thing. Take, for example, the following clip which contains two scenes from seasons seven and eight respectively, and see how he slowly progresses from fantasy to reality. He then gets overtly disappointed when Dee says that they can't really kill her.

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The most disturbing example of this is in the video below, from the season ten episode Psycho Pete Returns, where he threatens to skin Dee and turn her into a lampshade. This happens when Frank tricks him into digging up his dead mother as a means of getting revenge against Dee for insulting him and stealing his money. In the episode directly after the one with LeFevre, Dennis wants to celebrate and go out dancing and in the end has a revelation that he's a god. Additionally, Buffalo Bill, according to Hannibal Lecter, wants to wear the skin of his victims to become another person. So when he saw LeFevre stumbling around behind Paddy's looking for his wallet, it was too great an opportunity to miss.

De Rais was a French nobleman and the right hand man to Joan of Arc, and by all account a virtuous individual at least with regards to the way that the gentry viewed virtue in the middle ages. Longtime fans of the show are by now all too familiar with Dennis's constant brushes with sexual depravity, and his occasional forays into outright psychopathic behavior. This isn't the only time that Dennis would use fear to get women into his bed either. This is very similar to the way in which real serial killers gratify themselves when reliving their crimes also the reason that many of them take trophies, such as the severed finger.

Over the course of the episode he tries a number of remedies, including attending Mac's church and seeing a holistic healer named Doctor Jynx. More likely, I think, is the idea that Dennis was inspired by Gary. Personally I don't think this is likely. First and most obvious is what we see on the surface.

Both men are about to dress up as women. Both men are naked and applying lipstick in front of a mirror. Before examining this theory, however, lets briefly go over Dennis's history and the lead up to why I believe that he killed Mr. It's only in mid and latter seasons that we are given hints that he may in fact be dangerous. De Rais discovered from this that he enjoyed killing, and went on to become one of histories earliest recorded serial murderers.

Furthermore, his choice of Dee as a companion reflects what may have been his original fantasy, when the two of them stalked the waitress in Mac is a Serial Killer. They manage to do this by purchasing stealing murder weapons, dressing up as a painter and psycho clown, and going out to stalk a victim. This, along with Dennis's infatuation with human skin, will be very important in Dennis's possible murder of Mr.

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For years this was simply one of those thematic undertones peppered throughout each season like breadcrumbs, similar to Mac's repressed homosexuality and the sexual tension between Charlie and Dee. If Dennis is the Gilles de Rais of our scenario, then his alchemist would be Dee's former neighbor, Gary. However, it also fits in with Dennis's character to slowly and methodically work his way up to something. He wants to go out dancing, as if celebrating something, and winds up doing shots until he projectile vomits at the table. In the episode immediately after the one featuring Brian LeFevre, Charlie Rules the World, we see some interesting behavior from Dennis.

Mac and Charlie Join a Cult, where he describes manipulation as a process that takes years of patience. The gang then gets their taste of Hollywood stardom when M. Now all of this is plausible, but still probably seems like a stretch.

Dennis starts out in the beginning of the series as an overly vain womanizer with a frat boy's mentality toward sex. Fans have often speculated on just how far Dennis may have taken this off screen, and upon a recent re-watch of the series I believe I've discovered the first actual murder that he committed.

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