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Lucy is in a real hurry to get to the airport for her holidays! This outdoorsy family loves to spend time in nature so that the can have time to bond and learn about the land.

After walking around all day, Zoe is in serious pain and fears she might have an infection. Can you save the people of Thruxton with your powerful magic spells? Dude I love parties and my friends are having an amazing party right now!

Baby Alice loves arts and crafts. Being a mechanic is a messy job.

This quick and fun brain-twister tests how well you can keep both sides of your mind focused on simple but changing tasks. You're the last line of defense and the enemy is steadily approaching. Sarah is almost done with her driving lessons for good, but she still has to make it through today's driving lesson.

Jenya needs your help girls! Defend a downed Black Hawk helicopter carrying vital intelligence. Don't touch any of the obstacles or upper and lower wall or it will be the last think you do. Now that the sun is high in the sky, Pou can finally catch up on his gardening. She's busy making pretty invitations and planning her outfit so that she can look fabulous for the tea party.

New action Games

The weather was really awful and frightening. Now, its your chance to try with your fingers.

Action Games for Girls

This cute baby boy was enjoying a slice of chocolate cake when searing pain suddenly caused him to drop his fork and scream in pain. Think again, the ships have the habit of moving. Do you think one can resist your fascinating look? Your pet kitty was meowing because she was hungry, so you fixed her a bowl of her favorite food. If you don't know how to cook, it's easy to make a big mess!

Help Onioni get his Girigiri back! Doc McStuffins Heal Friends. Guide Sky-Skater Claire to skate on these sky-floating ice. The weather outside is lovely, so Pou decided to take his luxurious car for a joyride. Will playing this game help stop the madness?

Master the rocky tracks and destroy enemy soldiers and their vehicles! After a long day of playing with toys and watching cartoons, it's finally time to get Barbie's beautiful baby girl ready for bed. Do you think your fingers are fast enough? Today is Earth Day, so Baby Hazel and her friends have decided to help save the environment by cleaning up trash and watering plants.

Demi Lovato is an American pop star and television personality. You're a plant, and you have to fight off the unhappy blocks!

Very addictive Physical Puzzle based game where player must destroy the buildings using explosives, and after that, must avoid the rubble. Get your revenge on the birds.

The enemy ships you encounter will get tougher as you advance, so upgrade wisely! Lately, sneaky moles have been digging holes through your farm, making it very difficult to grow crops. Hero Tower Defense, with some new features? Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble. Dust vampires with choice of blades or guns.

This baby monster's favorite band is in town today and she has front row seats so that she can see all of the action up close. Don't Look Back is a challenging action-platformer in a minimalist classic arcade style. Maneuver your robot into defeating the swarms of enemies in this action packed game.

Nunchuck Charlie A Love Story. With Patrick the starfish at his side, those two are always jamming things up their noses. Cursed Treasure Level Pack. Baby Hazel loves to spend time with her favorite Grandma.

She has big plans of becoming a big performer one day, but she has to work her way up to the top. She can't for her mom to take a bite of her favorite dessert after a long day of work. Jessica Alba at the Dentist. Defend your japanese town against hordes of enemies trying to destroy it.

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This is a game about bugs. Choose your Kart and battle your way across the finish line in this high-paced explosive racer. The multiplier increases your score for each kill as well as your firepower. After spending all day indoors, Baby Hazel is very bored.

Action Games for Girls

The girls have set up a bunch of games for you to enjoy! Best rated games Newest games Most played games. GirlGames has Teen games and Fashion games for our gamers with a sense for style. Hey girls, powershrink this is Candy-land!

This beautiful adventure seeker is constantly on the search for treasure to increase her massive museum of priceless trinkets and gorgeous jewels. Blast enemies, collect weapon upgrades, try to collect hidden stars and shoot shoot shoot!

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Fly a firework rocket through a gauntlet of shapes and collect them in the correct order. You're a sliding burger with jumping ability. She's long overdue for an appointment with the dentist, and now she's beginning to experience some serious tooth problems. But if their gone for too long they'll lose their power, so hurry up.

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