Accommodating differences variations in differentiated literacy instruction

Accommodating differences variations in differentiated literacy instruction

Some classrooms were watched to record if differentiated instruction actually works and many teachers gave their personal opinions on it. Although the teachers did not directly identify Multiple Intelligences theory, they each provided students with multiple methods of reaching state benchmarks for their grade level. She also emphasized that the activities be intellectually demanding.

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Every teacher should at least try this approach and see if their students react better to their lessons with it or without it. As the result, researchers found that teachers were using a variety of activities to teach all students in a way that motivated, challenged, and excited the students at the same time. Such responsive teaching bodes well for literacy learners across the ability and diversity spectrum.

Researchers wanted to find out how many teachers use differentiated instruction in their classroom and what type of differentiated instruction is taking place in elementary and secondary classrooms. Differentiated Instructions also emphasizes flexible instructional groupings known to facilitate reading comprehension and fluency Vaughn et al. At workshops, the key emphasis was placed on meaningful reading tasks, flexible grouping, and ongoing assessment and adjustments for all students. Participating teachers were given a survey and an informal interview along with filling out instructional documentation.

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In addition, teachers provided scaffolding for struggling literacy learners by offering a menu of tiered work products, expert tutoring and additional supports. The second researcher, Dr. Bailey and Thea Hayes Williams-Black.

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These researchers reported about compelling evidence of differentiated instruction in a variety of ways to benefit all students. Jennifer Baitey has actually thought a class on differentiated instruction and was very interested to learn new methods of getting attention and interest of every student in the classroom.