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This Motoring, Stenson Cooke, pub. It's worth noting the relative lack of detail to be found in the casting. Flipping back to the late s and the keen motorist would no doubt have this handbook nestled in his dashboard cubby hole.

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This will be fitted to a lorry of my own. Interesting is the section on courtesy to those around you - recommending that you don't go around blaring horns, screeching tyres, slamming doors and bootlids, especially at night. Below are several of the less-commonly encountered versions, others will be added later. Badge number L, shown below, was found beneath the seat of a car I own.

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This style of lorry badge, with the basket weave background, was introduced at the beginning of the s. Motorcyclists and lorry drivers had their own variants of the badge. Unlike some, this badge - a pre-war example - is flat and quite lightweight, but features a reasonable amount of detail to the winged wheel at the top. The outer edges of the badge were cropped off in the photo I received. Amazingly, in I received an email containing news of another badge, of the same style as the one shown above, walter and kanye still dating that had also been dug up in a field.

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